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  1. For a sleeper equipped tractor? A good 1.5 to 2 inches (actual) looks nice. Tim
  2. Well... wide-cabs are the wave of the future.. it will be good to see them in resin. Tim
  3. Back in the early 70's AMT molded it in multi pieces so they could use the front of the cab for the non-sleeper version. Easy for them, difficult for builders. I end up assembling the cab and either A). Live with the visible seam, or . fill the seam, lose the rivets and reapply them with Archer or Micromark decal rivets. The sleeper section of the interior tub seems to have grown over the years - I leave it out until after the main interior tub is slid into place, then I put the sleeper section of the interior in (it might need additional trimming to fit easily). If you assemble the main interior and sleeper section and try to fit it in, you will probably break open the cab seams creating much frustration. Tim
  4. The metal axles have grown over the years in the reissues. Not sure why. I always snip them shorter. There is only one fuel tank crossover pipe brace. Tim
  5. The kit is already over 244" - it scales 246 if I remember. Tim
  6. Fitting the engine... and now you know why they developed the 352H ! The bigger engines and radiators just wouldn't fit under the Pacemaker. So they raised the cab 4 inches, widened the dog house slightly at the radiator and all the big powerplants fit with no real problems with pipes and hoses. Before the H, they had to be really creative and custom design parts to fit. Tim
  7. When the snap kits came out, some people 'poo=poo'd' them - but with some massaging and imagination you end up with results like this. Looks good ! Tim
  8. Looking good. The Autocar dumptruck kit has always been a favorite of mine. Tim
  9. You'll need Eric at P&P's 389 hood conversion, the raised roof piece and the newer cab side panels, and if you want to go further, his newer dash and door panels. Tim
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