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  1. enderle had different names for different butterfly openings....bug catcher, bird catcher, buzzard catcher. big and ugly injector.... finned, no fin....etc....I always thought the Revell piece that comes with the kits were an excellent version, but like any piece you do end up buying, the amount of work you're willing to put into it is the key....none of the butterflies "fly" with me....but here's a good page to sort of give you the different types and looks....all depends on what year of injector hat you're trying to recreate... http://www.goodvibes...er_Injector.htm
  2. really depends on the car....late 70's, a number of chassis builders were "hot"....Sarte was one of my favs......and the Plymouth Arrow bodies funnycar is also one of my favs! So many teams used the body....so really curious who you're thinking of building (plus, that would answer your question on what chassis to build).....Beadle's Blue Max? Snake's Army F/C? Ace's Super Shops? Snow's Snowman?
  3. laughing here....Keeling and Clayton go to someone else's Prom.....danced with all their ladies, drank all their beer, then take the prettiest ones home....."what part of not invited don't you get".....love it....and thanks for the heads-up on the video
  4. still looking great! so I take it someone found a photo of the loud pedal inside the Snake's Vega? there's so many different types to choose from, most custom fab'd....looks incredible.....on some of these build being done here on this forum, it's almost a shame to build them, rather, seems fit to display it as an exploded view or a project car on the shop floor and chassis jigs....so much detail, and only revealed when someone truly takes the time to turn it over and over, and then only if they have seen the model kits, and what actually has been fabricated versus pulled off the tree and used....amazing stuff....
  5. gloss black on matte black camo....or an animal print, or logitudinal stripes.....but let's face it. no matter what is painted, it'll still exude BADNESS
  6. sweeeeet! very nice. You seldom see the whole caravan of trailers and cars wildlife racing traveled with....great shot! thanks! And we have probably seen each other at Fremont I still look in people's photos, knowing one day I'll spot myself in someone else's photos....thanks for the post!
  7. I knew I had this color picture somewhere....finally found it.....adding the b&w one most everyone has seen as well....
  8. If you happen to have minimal woodworking skills and a decent table saw, you can make your own....acrylic is easy to cut, and check youtube for how-to videos on gluing and flame polishing cut edges so they remain transparent. So much less expensive....and results are as custom as the cars you build...bases can be any material you choose, and they are as nice as the time you wish to spend on them...
  9. big boys....aka....nitro applications....not sure why you gave up? is it a dig at me? is that a pointed stick?
  10. are those Milestone 1/16th diecasts you've modified? or models? just curious....
  11. YES!!! Clayton Harris!!!....Thanks Uncle Keith! Garlits had always said the best fueler would have one tire, one drive point, limits the possibility of unloading one side or the other, and Clayton pretty much made one tire out of two....
  12. Mr. Peabody, fire-up the wayback machine, I'm going shopping
  13. it actually went over quite well performance-wise....with Bruce larson and then Don hisself driving, the performance levels were great right out of the gate....it just came at a time when NHRA wanted to slow the cars down, and Don's design made going fast more stable....which went against what NHRA wanted...sigh....now it's not even a quarter mile anymore (biggest mistake they ever made next to the fuel ban and letting most drag strips in California get bulldozed)....throws all records into the asterisk territory with the distance change, and it's just not drag racing unless it is 1320 feet....out of all the options, they chose to shorten it....smaller tires? nope...shorten the track. I know what they were thinking was to kill two birds with one stone....slow the cars down, and automatically make the shutdown areas longer....which at the speeds being attained, did make it an issue at more than a few tracks....anyway....Don's mono-wing was working just dandy, but the NHRA nixed it....that man is used to the NHRA being flat-out crazy and not making sense....I personally have had an issue with a non-profit organization making that much money and not making the sport better....sure, they made it bigger, but not better....still kills me that they let so many classic tracks get bulldozed....
  14. Bill....you realize I can't look at another chromed plastic clutch can and be satisfied, right? You've ruined it for me I can only imagine what's rolling around your head with all the new pictures exposing details you hadn't seen before....keep up this awesome build and sharing your details and tricks with us.....
  15. Jerry - if you're interested, some of us have collected photos of your dragster, photos you may not have seen....if you have an interest, I am sure we would be happy to send them or post them for you. Hard to pick a favorite from the ones you've posted, but the one with you guys on the track with Linda I think is my fav...just looks cool..
  16. honest, not picking....I can see the "real car" posted, and someone obviously spent the money and time to try it....I am at a loss as to why, and was hoping someone could share the "why" with me....only way we learn is to ask when we don't know
  17. I was into the 1/12 F-1 stuff for a while....was pricey with the cost of the kits (tamiya and protar) and the p/e sets like the perfect parts f-1 specialties full sets (very nice) and the Scale Motorsports 935 and F2002 (very nice) etc....anyway, I still love F-1 racing and drag racing, but frankly, the drag crowd seems to be very innovative (both real and scale modelers alike) ....I haven't been snookered yet on a drag model or detail kits, yet the 1/12 builds soured me mostly due to one bad apple (Thundervalley F-1....that guy straight-up ripped me off, and in the end, his kits were second gen copies of perfect parts kits anyway)....lol....hmmmm....after 4yrs +, I am still a little peeved....but welcome back to drag racing
  18. can someone explain how plumbing the turbos as far away from the exhaust manifold and intake manifold was ever a good idea performance-wise? I'm serious.....am I missing something here? Seems incredibly inefficient....added weight of a sealed system able to withstand the boost pressures. I would understand (sort-of) if it was some sort of "sleeper" street vehicle, with a standard hood profile etc....perhaps that's why the racer went back to a standard configuration....but honestly, I know drag racing is about innovation, but this seems like you're behind the 8-ball before you even start...my guess is that the engineer assumed the added pipe would act like a resevoir to store pressure....perhaps slightly eliminating the dreaded turbo-lag....like I said, anyone know? I am seriously curious....
  19. here's a deist system....pretty simple, and very effective....the little slices cause the suppressant to fog in almost 180 degree arch....not as pretty as the one posted, but it's what the "big boys" use I would think this is crazy insane detail, and wouldn't waste my time posting, but I know you are crazy insane detailing your pro mod....
  20. ps....hearing that the California Charger is on it's way to being restored and might eventually be seen and heard at a cackle event is just too cool. I will bet money right now it will be one of the favorites!
  21. oh that's awesome! I am absolutely LOVING this! I'll let soemone else suggest a fix on upload space....I think most of the folks here start a profile on one of the free third-party photo sites like - http://www.flickr.com or http://photobucket.com the regulars here might be able to better help with that (how they post their photos from their free sites above, to internet posts and blogs like this one here) if you start a profile on one of those sites, you can steer all requests towards that site....I've seen where you have spent a good amount of time fielding questions and providing help to many modelers on other sites as well....might save you some time.... either way, please don't stop! having you here helping out a build is just too cool, and the photos are absolutely fantastic! you are a true gentleman to provide all of the help! thank you from all of us.
  22. before the insurance folks got all-over it, there were a few drag strips that had the fans literally feet from the action, Lions was one of those places.....when a clutch lets go, it's not only scary for the person with their legs saddling either side of the clutch can....but then those folks also wheelbarrowed their nuts to the line they were so big... heck, I still remember being lightly showered with bits of magnesium at Pomona at a thousand foot before blower bags....the straps weren't enough to keep the smaller pieces contained..... I think most of us have seen and admired the photos of your build....something unique and well done SHOULD get the attention! I forgot where I first saw it...I think it was on an episode of Gearz....one of his model related shows or his Hot Wheels show....anyway, superb build and unique!
  23. http://www.nhra.com/nhra101/classes.aspx http://www.nhra.com/nhra101/basics.aspx http://www.nhra.com/glossary.aspx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drag_racing that should get you started....just start reading (these are very brief explanations) and then when you want to know more about something, just google that term....luckily, it's a very popular autosport....(no matter what NASCAR says, Drag Racing is the biggest autosport in terms of contestants)
  24. https://www.safecraft.com/MinstalledExtinguisher.php http://www.essfire.com/index.php http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=926237 this last one is a good discussion on mounting points for the actual nozzles, you'll notice what's important is fuel source, oil source, and driver....
  25. yeah, on the shifting....they were fun.....you could always tell a "good" run when they shifted.....(now it's just one load roar, no appreciable sound difference throughout the run) in the 80's, Bill Mullins, Gene Snow and a few others made high gear only possible once again (was used in drag racing long before) and it was made possible with L&T clutch management....the throwout bearing control was the key, and then Jom Head cam along with the timer system to time the clutch management....took a few people to make it all work again, but then shifting was history. I do believe Gene Snow (in his b&w TF) was the first one to make a real serious number with the set-up, and within a number of races, everyone was running them. Now, speaking of....and only because I can't remember his name, there was another innovator (they all were) that ran an EXTREMELY narrowed rear differential in TF.....bugging me I can't remember....of course, I remember Mark Niver making his own transmission in the shifter days, and his own blowers....that guy will be missed!
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