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  1. Cars and truck in general were right hand drive back then. I think they started with horses and buggy. The driver stop on the right side of the road and open the dor for let the people go out of the carriage. The chaffeur on cars did the same. On truck they said that having the steering wheels on the right allowedd the driver to see better the edge of the road, and it was easy to follow.
  2. Pretty cool small car! A friend of a friend invited us to see his car collection, many years ago. This gentleman had around 30 classic cars, all restored like new. One of this was the car in the picture. Pretty cool small car! Although I think from stock they have the front bumper.
  3. Glad to see another person from OR! Wlcome Vince!
  4. Sorry I did not know about this rule.
  5. I think this car brand was only focused on the European market. At least officially. Maybe in Australia some collector or fan of this brand were able to purchase one. But keep in mind that they made little over 78k cars, and did not sell well in even the country where the car was made! People were not thrilled about the hatchback solution. Other models made by this brand had more success. One wa used a lot as entry level for racing, and still now is a fun little car to drive, even the road model. This brand merged witha bigger brand in late 60's, and they develop different, succesful models, one is still in production!
  6. A family friend had one, it was white with red interior
  7. Here a hint, this car sold for $107,280 in 2018.
  8. Well done! Glad you are back to the hobby!
  9. LOL! I will make the license plate! Great suggestion! Thanks!
  10. Who does not love Scooby Doo! I like it!
  11. I love the color, fit great the truck! What brand did you use?
  12. The funny part is people building it as it is! Instead to cut the decal and swap the letters.
  13. Thank you Pat! Thanks! Congrats to you too! There should be a tread on the WIP and Under Glass about it. I don't remember very well, I start to search for info etc in 2011/2012... The title should be under is name, same I enter it to the contest. Cheers! Thannk you Mark!
  14. Very nice collection! Love these odds cars!
  15. I would like to thanks Gregg and all the MCM staff! First of all, for all the ard work they did on the magazine. Second, to gave me the opportunity to have my transporter on the magazine. I just came home from my lhs with MCM! Love all the layout, very rich and powerful! Here a picture of the magazine at the store. I almost forgot, but I need to thank Harry Pristovnik. He was the one that wanted this transporter on the magazine.
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