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  1. As a resident of Milford CT and avid Corvette fan, I can confirm Dale's research. I've seen the cars at Limerock, and in case your wondering, Paul Newman used to own that Volvo-Mazda dealership.
  2. Nice! I love the keg and the shifter, everything is right for a rat rod, the stance, the color, and the attitude.
  3. Nice job and great details, gotta love a brown street rod.
  4. Wow, great job! outstanding paint and decals.
  5. Great concept & great execution. The marriage of hotrods and Corvettes done brilliantly.
  6. Great detail Ray. This is one of my favorite NASCAR paint schemes of all time. How did you do the window net?
  7. This is crazy! Lownslow you're a talented person with the ink. What scale is it?
  8. Beautiful build Hawk. My dream car right there. I love the color combo, and is that a window sticker I see? great touch if it is!
  9. Tommy, this looks great. I've always wanted to build on of these, so seeing how yours came out, broke the camels back and I'm going shopping! Thanks for the inspiration.
  10. I just picked up the Lindberg 66 Chevelle, I know it's close to Charlie's GTO, but can I enter it? It'll be my first WIP postings in this forum.
  11. Great build, one of my favorite cars of all time.
  12. Wow, what a great mix of old and new. The colors, the stance, the style, are all perfect. Great job.
  13. Incredible builds, I love the Sharpie Tattooed Lamborghini. You had a real good year, Keep it up!
  14. Fantastic Ferrari, Great detail. 2 years well spent
  15. Nice clean build, the color is awesome.
  16. This truck is wicked. Great custom build
  17. Great build and detail, I'm a huge fan of racing Vettes. A C1R perhaps?
  18. It's like I'm looking through the pages of Truckin'. Nice work.
  19. Cool subject, great execution, and nice photos!
  20. This is shaping up to be a masterpiece. I'm a fan of all NASCAR super detailed cars, and this is a great car to due because of the graphics. A great pairing for it would be Sr's 1996 Olympic Atlanta car. I can't wait to see the finished product, good luck with it.
  21. Nice build, I really like the color. I'm a huge fan of C3s. I did mine in red with black guts, but not nearly as nice as yours.
  22. Great car! The shaker hood and the stance are spot on, and you picked the right color for this one.
  23. Looks Great This is a project I'm involved in now myself, so I know what you're talking about with the fit issues. The weathering really adds depth. Keep up the good work.
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