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  1. It would go a long ways if a vendor would just communicate a long wait time such as Modelhaus has. I don't think any of us minds the wait, these folks are independent and not Amazon and in many cases have actual day jobs. But just posting an estimated wait time would be helpful.
  2. Great work. A 240Z appeared in tonight's Chasing Classic Cars episode....2200 mile original.
  3. Same here, the molded plastic polishes out like glass and they look right at home displayed with my 'real' promos.
  4. Indeed, a very nice lineup from an era when I enjoyed Nascar.
  5. Same here, it was a great show. I bought a Starsky and Hutch Torino and a '66 Wildcat. Loved looking at all the beautiful original promos that were on many tables....too rich for my pocketbook!
  6. Excellent build, really nice. 2 hours? I'd still be reading the instruction sheet!
  7. Weather forecast for Sunday is sunny and a balmy 60*.
  8. Look forward to seeing you sir, I have numerous promos in need of chrome work.
  9. Promo wheels are all one unit with a thicker axle. On the other hand, the full wheel cover requires a wheel back and uses the thin axle. This is what originally came in model kits whereas the promo cars had the 0ne piece promo hub/thicker axle.
  10. Indeed, great work....color, stance spot on.
  11. +1 Its like receiving fine jewelry when you open the box.
  12. + 1 Only 2 more weeks! I couldn't make it last year due to the extreme cold....had to tend to frozen pipes and locks instead.
  13. I will be there, this time I plan to empty my piggy bank.
  14. Looks great as is with the primer and red interior! What type wheels are those?
  15. Yes, they were discontinued by Ikea while ago. There are forums out there that pertain to creative use of Ikea cabinets/display cases with additional shelving, lighting, etc, perhaps you could find Bertby cabinets in their For Sale section. I like the Detolf cases...easy to add extra glass shelves and only $65 per cabinet.
  16. Wow, incredible transformation. The Alclad chrome work is beautiful.
  17. Many thanks for posting this link...just downloaded and looks like I'll be able to upscale the model to a big 1/8 version.
  18. Bravo to Lewis! Very entertaining race. I've been a fan of his for many years.
  19. Very nice indeed, great arrangement. I have a similar setup using the Ikea Detolf display cases. They look great with the lighting that can also be purchased at Ikea.
  20. I did the exact same conversion as unclescott58.....I remembered building the original back in the day and realized that a conversion was possible with the Hobby Heaven '70 Ford.
  21. This is going to be nice.....looking forward to your progress.
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