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Found 7 results

  1. So happy to have finally finished another model this year, I’ve only finished about 5. This was my first resin conversion attempt. It’s a Time Machine Resin body and interior. The AMT 65 Galaxie 500 XL was the donor. I used all the chassis and engine parts from that kit. I even left the 4 spd trans as there are a few that were built from the factory that way. The engine has plug wires added and a coil from MAD. It did not turn out as nice as o wanted but live and learn. Hope y’all like it. Comments welcome.
  2. So I am waiting to paint my 83 Olds, trying to get courage to paint something black. Not my favorite. So I decided to start another project. I am going to build a 65 Ford Custom 4dr Sedan. The body is a Time Machine Resin conversion body. I will be using the AMT 65 Galaxie 500 for the conversion. Hope you guys enjoy, this is my first resin body I have used even though I have many in my stash. Trying to step outside my box.
  3. Here's my latest. The '56 Del Ray Sedan from Revell. This finishes my tri-five Chevy projects (55,56,57 and a 55 Nomad 4x4). This kit was fairly smooth. The chassis on the other hand was a nightmare. I had purchased a tubbed one from the internet and it was just a horrible modded mess. I had to really clean it up to allow the interior to fit down on the frame. I would have been better off doing it myself from scratch. Tried to save time, but it was way more time consuming to fix this guys mess. Live and learn I guess. After dealing with that I decided to just put a basically stock 327 dual carb engine in rather than the 454 Blower one that I had ready as it was to be a straight axle gasser. This would have entailed more mods to the chassis not to mention hacking up the hood for it to fit. So what I ended up with was a Hybrid of sorts. Looks like it would haul arse, but it's a glorified grocery getter in the end. Not happy with my color choice either, but I like my models all to be different colors. As usual I used Rustoleum rattle cans and no clear. Chrome pen instead of BMF and Tamiya Smoke for the window tint. Thanx for looking!
  4. Hi guys I`m Cosmo and this is my first post in here. I`m working on a conversion project that started from a MPC `76 Chevy Caprice 2-door coupe version. For some reason the body part was not molded well when I received the model and I think it`s beyond repairable. So I decieded to chop the damaged A-pillar and fender section and replace it with epoxy-bounded Foil material and gave it a damaged appearance. I always have a thing for the big, full-size american 4 door sedan in the 60`s and 70`s. So I converted the MPC 2-door coupe version to a 4-door sedan. I cut the B-pillar and fill the quarter window because I prefer a more traditional and thicker C-pillar which is different from the actual `76 Caprice sedan, but personally I prefer the look. I also rescribed the door panel lines and trunk. I used sterene sheet to reform the roof section and I sanded off the side trim to give the Caprice a more "base model" appearance. -------------------------------------------------------- I`ll keep the progress updated in here. Comments are greatfully appreciated!
  5. Here's a quick look at the 65 Plymouth Belvedere Production contents that I just got. Look for the kit to be available in about 4 weeks from now. These photos were taken with my iPad, some are not by best work but it was handy for today. The body is highly polished, even smoother then the Satellite. Here's the chrome tree with multiple wheel options. Note the Hemi valve cover for a later version. Here's the new seats and the Super stock style exhaust pipes .... And here's the steel wheels that go with the dog dish hub caps .... Here's the big and little street radials .... The decal sheet .... These are just the highlight of the kit, the full photos are on my Fotki page, just follow the link below. http://public.fotki.com/SteveG26/moebius-projects/page2.html -Steve
  6. This is Captain Risky's Stunt Falcon... Budget Direct – an Australian insurance company – have thrown us into 2015 with their new ‘Kick It and Rip It’ campaign with "Captain Risky". He makes his black and blue debut as a daredevil who’s just, well, not that good. But it’s funny and ridiculous and that is the success of this ad. It shows us someone so buffoonish, so uninsurable, that next to him, anyone can be insured. The Falcon XB is from ThePartsBox.com and the decals are printed by Pattos Place. The Roof engine is scratchbuilt. Check him out here
  7. I have a resin '67 Belvedere two door sedan that I want to build as a simple, stock, six cylinder car with a bench seat. I have looked through what I have handy for a front split bench seat and matching rear seat that I can use but no joy. The GTX rear seat cann be worked with if need be - it's mainly the front seat that is the problem here. I'm using the Revell '67 GTX as the main donor kit and everything seems to fit well enough on the resin body but there are a few issues that I can either tackle or just live with but right now, it's the seat thing that I want to get out of the way. I tried the Lindberg Colour Me Gone '64 Dodge seat but it's far too small and it would look goofy. I have tried a RM '59 Impala front seat and it is the closest that I have found to a fit, by it's just a hair too wide and the shape of the seat backs are wrong - although that could be altered with some imagination and work I suppose. I'll worry about upholstery patterns once I find a seat that I can use. I know that the interior side panels are different on a Belvedere but again, I'll worry about that if I can find a seat that I can make work. There are some differences between the Belvedere and the GTX including the grille and rear trunk trim which is molded to the rear bumper but I'm trying to do this one bite at a time and get my ducks all in a row before I start really doing anything. The Belvedere body is obsolete apparently, so I want this done as well as I can do it based on my building abilities which are far from being on par with most of you guys out there. So - any ideas where I can get a seat that will look close to right? Thanks for reading.. I am open to suggestions...
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