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  1. Love my promo collection, especially my 60's era Lincolns. I enjoy restoring old broken promos back to their original state....oh that reminds me, gotta get another Modelhaus order in.
  2. Beautiful build, very well done. I'm going to have to add this transkit to my shopping list!
  3. Same here.....I'm going to need to open a new savings account at my bank!
  4. X 2....very nice thus far.
  5. Another beauty in the making, looking forward to this one.
  6. I'll be following this build....just realized that I have this camper buried deep in my stash.
  7. Very sharp! I always enjoy seeing the oldies dusted off and given new life. Fine job!
  8. Beautiful build and excellent tire choice! May I ask which Modelhaus tires you used?
  9. I bought the Revell '70 Hemi Cuda and the Petty Dart Sportsman today at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon. And my Acu Stion 1/12 Goodyear stencil arrived today from hlj.com. Almost feels like Christmas!
  10. Both are beauts and display perfectly together. That stock build on ebay that someone mentioned previously is now at $445 with 4 days left in the auction.
  11. Love your old annual restorations. Looking forward to this one.
  12. Beautiful job Al, stance is just right and I like those wheel covers. Very convincing stock appearance. Now I'm going to have to buy 2 kits and build one as stock.
  13. Mine is still going strong 51 years later! Just needs some chrome re-plating.
  14. Superb job! An absolute masterpiece. If my '61 can come out half as nice I'll be happy.
  15. +1 Your paint jobs are jewel-like. Do you decant the TS-13 clear or spray it directly from the can?
  16. Thank you for the tip on the engine decals. It's the small touches like that which put a model over the top.
  17. It's a very large, nicely detailed remote control car from the '60's. If you google it you will find a nice Wikipedia write-up. The one that I own is one of my most prized possessions along with my '64 Hasbro GI Joe that sits behind the wheel!
  18. I may have to look into this......the chrome on my '64 Deluxe Reading Crusader 101 needs to be re-chromed......I worry about sending it out and having it get lost in the mail.
  19. Indeed, this is THE Batmobile, beautiful build!
  20. Really great work here, each component is a gem by itself. Nice inspiration, I have the convertible and a slew of Modelhaus replacement parts for it, look forward to starting mine.
  21. Real nice work, beautiful Lincolns. Always enjoy seeing your restorations.
  22. I say that every time after I receive my Modelhaus order!
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