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  1. Looks really good thus far....I like your choice of blue. I built the Skip's version of this many years ago....I dug it out today and the retractable roof still works...I vaguely remember using 2-part epoxy to hold the retractable mechanism together. The stock Modelhaus hubcaps that I ordered way back when are still in the trunk.
  2. Very good looking build thus far...looking forward to future progress.
  3. Very beautiful work...I'm also curious as to what type of paint you used.....that's a terrific shade of blue!
  4. Good work, that really turned out nice...did some rummaging and discovered that I have a '63 Valiant promo and 2 '61's awaiting restoration. Thanks for posting this, didn't realize that a '66 is available, I'll have to add this to my collection.
  5. I wish I had that level of modeling skill...looks terrific and I certainly hope that resin copies may someday be made available.
  6. That's one terrific build....and the detail to the wheels is exceptional...beautiful work!
  7. Very, very nicely done. I really like your choice of color. Where were you able to obtain the wheelcovers?
  8. Looks great....glad you posted this, I'll have to pick one up...I owned the actual car back in '76.
  9. This entire build is indeed master modeling at a very high level....every time I check in, I learn something new.
  10. Really looks nice thus far. What type of wheels and tires are those?
  11. Absolutely beautiful....another Top Shelf build! Love the wheel/tire combo, stance, color....perfect!
  12. Simply stunning....everything including the stance is perfect...beautiful work!!
  13. I can see from your photo where it indeed is enviornmentally friendly....it comes equipped without a nozzle!
  14. Gallarado is certainly receiving extraordinary attention due to the blown call compared with the pitchers who last month, pitched the 19th and 20th perfect games. (Do you know who they were?) GM rolled out a brand new Corvette for him yesterday at the ballpark. Even the White House weighed in with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs mentioning that an Executive Order may give him the perfect game. Review the last 1000 infield ground ball plays with the pitcher jogging over to cover first base and I'll bet that all 1000 were outs (with the exception of an error). Only Pete Rose could sometimes beat out an infield play. No effect on the score of the game nor the stats. Selig, give him the perfect game before Obama beats you to it.
  15. Really nice build....you hit the stance just right. Detail looks great as well....and I had no problem opening your pics!
  16. Both look terrific....I'm drooling... BTW, what did you clear the Ford with? (I too have an original that I want to clearcoat)
  17. This is not merely a model car being built....this is truly a work of art!
  18. I have used the Krylon Crystal Clear from Walmart and Bluesman Mark is correct: it was too hot, had to strip and correct....was determined to make it work and finally did, however it never really dried properly. I'm going to pick up a can from Michael's as the gloss and depth associated with this clear was very impressive.
  19. The computer that controlled the LEM down to the surface of the moon was less powerful than what we are typing away at in our own homes nowadays. And to think that just two nights ago, I was watching the second human to set foot on another planet (Buzz Aldrin) dancing on the cheesy "Dancing With the Stars" in hi-def on a 63" LCD TV...who would have thought back in 1969 what is possible today?
  20. I still have my original Sony Betamax ...but bear in mind, I come from the sliderule/abacus era...a Polaroid camera was hi-tech back then....(even color TV )
  21. Peter, this is a terrific replica of the original...I remember photographing the original at last year's Woodward Dream Cruise here in Detroit. It was parked front and center at 13 Mile Rd. and Woodward, the epicenter of the Cruise with approximately 40,000 cars in attendance. Beautiful build!
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