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  1. After a long illness, work has slowly resumed on the hood panels. All of the putty and seam filling has been perfected on the passenger side panel. It is shown here with a stock kit panel to show the differences. The new panel is lower to match the body channel and the louvers placed to align with the cowl louvers. The red line shows the height and angle difference from stock as well as being further back. The yellow scrap shows how the side panel will be painted. With the door mounted, the overall lines and ride height are evident as being lower which makes the side view visually longer. Next is to build the opposite side to match and hinge the 4 panels together.
  2. I encourage both of you to start your Pochers. You both certainly have the skills to do great ones. Besides, Harry would want you to... C
  3. You're all very kind but the real thanks should go elsewhere. Early on in his battle, I saw that phone talks with Harry were becoming very problematic for him. Fatigue, bureaucracy, in / out of various facilities and a growing weakness showed me I could not burden him any more with calls. He abandoned the web early on because of fatigue and mental anguish. To his credit, he always made a point to talk to me and share his burden. I just kept things light and brief to hopefully raise his spirits and not press him on his need to comply with the onerous tasks of fighting severe cancer. Throughout, Harry kept wondering how he got 'from there - to here' -fighting for his life. Very real for all of us. One day I got a call from his son Gary and we began a very solid relationship. He always responded to email and I could share effective actions that worked in my wife's cancer fight, without lecturing Harry.. Although living in another state, Gary would come and stay with Harry for a week or ten days at a time, being his care advocate and fighting the insurance and oncology juggernauts. Shopping, house cleaning, car repair, he did it all alone for his father. From my dealings with him, Harry can be highly proud that his kid is articulate, appreciative and was deeply dedicated to saving his father. A very class kid - one any of us as parents would be gratified to have. It's great to know that our Harry raised children as thoroughly as he created art. Let's just celebrate our dear friend, his life, work and family. All praise to Harry. EDIT: I just got word that Gary has read and shared this thread with his sisters and Harry's brother. They are very appreciative and your voices are all going to the people that mattered most to Harry. A wonderful tribute.
  4. Friends, I have found out that our friend Harry was at peace when he departed this life. Surrounded by his small family, he was sedated and unresponsive but not in any distress. It did not appear to his children that he was suffering. I think that's all any of us can ask at the last hour. May his soul rest in peace.
  5. I've done that already but their lives are upside-down right now.
  6. Bob has got it right. Accumulated damage from the very beginning has weakened all his systems. Even if chemo and radiation were effective (remember, this is Stage IV cancer) they take a huge toll on even a previously healthy person. Harry got treatment very late at this cancer stage. Add in aversion to needed food, inability to endure physical therapy, mental stress from finances and bureaucracy (plus the illness) and only part-time support from family (they all live out of his state) and you can see the struggle is huge. Harry is a big man but I've been told that he's lost much weight. Our wishes are well-intentioned but each of us knows our limits and breaking point. That Harry has fatigued from this fight is quite understandable. We can only respect his wishes and be thankful we don't have his burden. No further news has come to me. Hope for the best.
  7. You guys are kind but I'd like to thank Bill Engwer for his diligent efforts to raise money for Harry's Fund. I think it would please Harry that so many of us came together in his name.
  8. Harry has been a special guy to so many of us. Your generosity and expressions of good wishes has, I'm sure, made him know he was a 'right guy'. If miracles can happen, he's the guy we'd want that to happen for.
  9. Word has just come that Harry is not doing well at all and has been readmitted to hospital. He is in very poor spirits and state of mind. He has been given the choice of continuing treatment or entering hospice care. He is very tired of the struggle and now seems to want to give up. He has asked to speak to the Chaplin; he feels he cannot continue the fight much longer. I'm told that he struggles to be coherent. He's in much distress. His three children are traveling there and will arrive tomorrow. His son is hoping he will hang on until they are all together. We can only hope that our thoughts and his family's presence give him comfort.
  10. Yes Bo, but with many interruptions. I have modified the panel seen above by moving it rearward so the louvers are closer to the cowl like many Phantoms were. I have also made the beltline mouldings to match those on the cowl. I have just completed one set of side hinges for the hood top and side panel on this side, so the panels will raise and open as the real car. Here are two photos showing the final placement The tape marks are for alignment - the hinges are holding the top and side together.
  11. Again, your doing a lot of really cool engineering work here. But you should listen to David's critique more than me - he builds masterpiece big scale pony cars all day long. His Shelby may be the best you can hope for. I get that you're not replicating a Shelby but the base Mustang from which it came. But this kit mutilates that base car, not just the Shelby features. Unless you work at it, you'll still be stuck with those A pillars, headlights, body coves, rear render and all else David has corrected.
  12. You're putting a lot of serious work into this Steve and your plans sound good. But I will point out that there are serious flaws in the accuracy of the body - typical Revell stuff they've been doing for decades. In particular, the cowl and windshield base area and the too thick A pillars. The fall into the rear deck isn't right and of course, the stock ride height is wrong. There may be others, I'm no early Mustang expert; but I've seen plenty of them in 1:1 and this one's off in very noticeable ways. There's a ton of reference out there to see what I pointed out. Best luck if you continue.
  13. The latest news about Harry is unfortunately sobering . The one bright spot is that his red blood cell numbers are somewhat improved. His chemo continues but no word on effectiveness yet. The negatives are more numerous. His disability application is mired in red tape and no determination is forthcoming soon. His appetite is non-existent and he takes 2000 calories (which he desperately needs) only when his son stays with him. Food of the type he most needs is not appetizing to him. He's a big man and needs far more than that. He is massively depressed but his son succeeded in getting his PCP to prescribe anti-depressant meds. Most likely he is not seeing our good wishes here for lack of desire to be on the web. I explained the recent surge in donations in the Fund and his son was very grateful to all who contribute. I'd like to think that we all keep Harry in mind, his kindness and his suffering. The frustrating thing is our collective inability to cure him.
  14. An important tip is to chamfer holes that will get filler and bevel edges of plastic parts. This allows the sanded filler to blend with the surface without a hard line which would show under primer. Gives a bit more surface area for filler to cling to also. I use 3M surigical tape which is semi-transparent and has a nice tack - like Tamiya yellow. I use it as a 'floor' on the back side of a piece which will get filler. The 'mesh' texture lets the Bondo get a nice grip and when it cures, the tape pulls easily away and the Bondo does not flake off. You also don't have to sand the underside unless it will show. Here's a better look:
  15. A summary to this point... Work done in small amounts over several week. After much experimenting, I decided against fabricated hood top panels and discovered I could alter the stock kit panels effectively. Using Bondo filler, I improved the panel gaps and using heated water got the front contours more correct. I made new top edge moldings after removing the kit's molded-in ones. I also improved the hinge pin front bushing to get the correct hood height at the grille. Again, you must click on each photo to see the uncompressed image. I hate that the software does this as I already reduce all my photos for uploading. Sorry... At this point I could move onto the side panels which required relocating the louvers to get them in line with the cowl louvers. No stock Pocher kit can do this. Using a .060 styrene sheet and the side panel, I cut the block of louvers out of a spare panel and carefully located where they must go in relation to the cowl's louvers. I then cut a window in the styrene and mounted the louvers. This gives the look of a true Gurney Nutting Phantom. Blending the join with filler will make it a one-piece panel. Colored in graphically, this is what the final appearance will be:
  16. Thanks for asking Mike. Have been working (with many interruptions) to build the hood panels. Will show soon. Book far away in mind just now - must get closer to completion.
  17. You got him before he had this down turn Ray.
  18. It pains me to post this but Harry is not doing well. Depression and confusion have taken him over. He's tired of this fight. He is very emotionally affected by his condition. He has not responded to email for weeks and very seldom goes on the web. I doubt he has seen any or many of our good wishes. So those who may have PM'd or emailed him with no reply, that is why. He is surely not doing everything he can to get some strength and morale up. I have no further report on his medical condition or treatments. His son will get back to him on Friday. We can only hope that some spark turns him around and improves his will.
  19. This entire message is exactly what I wrote about as what Harry needs most. A wonderful inspirational story and thank you for sharing Jim. More are needed if any others have similar fortune. Best wishes to you and Mrs because the caregiver is also a major sufferer in these cases. Here's hoping your lady has overcome this treacherous disease.
  20. Nice going chepp, updates on Harry's condition are in the Lounge.
  21. Thanks Chuck. And I agree with Bill; too much non-aero junk on it.
  22. Not on my screen Chuck. Even if they're carbon rotors, nothing is visible. I get complete black between the BBS spokes in all views. No matter - it may just be screen resolution. Almost like an old fashioned flat-black metal dust cover to keep wheels clean.
  23. I'm wondering why the brake rotors and calipers are obscured.
  24. Slightly better news; a nurse has visited and done basic medical checks and an occupational therapist has visited and will return twice per week. Harry has done well with the OT.
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