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  1. Bill states the situation well. Especially the 'encouragement' part. Harry seems to gain strength to continue when he hears from others about their or their family's successful battles with cancer. Now we all don't have such people or experience but if you do, sharing with Harry is like a road map back to wellness for him. Relating experience with insurance coverage (or the lack of it) and dealing with the medical personnel is also of value. How you solved those problems is an inspiration and guide book for him. Harry does not have a support staff of large family or professionals to assist him. It's a fatiguing, daunting process as much as the disease is. Daily. If you prefer to not post publicly here, it's fine to PM him. As Bill says, he may look in on us but seldom feels well enough to interact and respond or post updates to his Fund. Let's try to be his family and advisory group to support his fight. Harry's given so much of himself here, let's return the favor as best we can.
  2. Harry is still at home and trying to get in-home therapy insurance coverage. . He has started a new chemo program and is adjusting to its effects. He continues to have eating issues which contribute to his weakened state. His struggle continues.
  3. This may be the largest impediment to Harry's ability to fight this thing. I wish we, with experience in these matters were in proximity to him and could fight these battles for him. The burden of trying it alone is as fatiguing for him as the cancer and weakened heart. I forgot to mention earlier, Harry's connected to web again. But he's far too tired daily to get on the forum or even answer the many emails that have accumulated over these weeks. He's just too overwhelmed to respond. Best not to email at this time. But he may click on and be able to see our wishes and helpful thoughts from time to time. He is very grateful for all your generosity and well wishes. And he misses his many friends here.
  4. A nice thought but sadly not the case. Insurance refused to cover his rehab so he was released. Make no mistake, this is still a huge struggle for Harry. Many pills to take daily, doctors to see including a chemo treatment this coming week and a meeting with a cardiologist. Plus an exercise regimen he needs to do daily to build up his very weak heart. He is trying to eat again to build strength. All we can do for our friend is good wishes and good prayers. We can only hope that his caretakers find the keys to turn around his life for the better.
  5. Lights and horns in place...
  6. Harry was discharged from rehab facility yesterday and is back home alone, with visits from family members.
  7. Thanks Eric. Final result won't be until early spring because that's 'painting' weather'. But I plan to make a backdrop for photos, case and maybe document in book form, so work for it will continue. And I won't drag you all through construction of those things. Another model is doubtful just now.
  8. Most likely yes because it's a fragile piece. You don't want to handle the whole car or use tools near it at this stage. The car is very heavy.
  9. Michael's right but I don't know if that was his son's laptop. I will try to find out later in the week. Certainly we'd rather he use his new enthusiasm for food and exercise rather than surfing the web.
  10. More small progress... I decided to move on and permanently mount the front fenders so the hoods could be fitted. First they needed the headlights and horns. I found I was missing the two plastic horn bodies seen in Koo's CD, so had to scratch build two. These are Model Motorcars lights, cut 5mm lower: I now have the ride height and tire gap I have been working towards: Click on each for the full-size, un-distorted pix.
  11. A (small) turn for the better... The latest news is that Harry gained entrance into a rehab facility. This weekend, his children visited and reported good stuff. He is eating again, even stuff he doesn't like, and is exercising according to plan. He was in the best spirits in a long time. Let's not forget the severity of his conditions though, this is no 'get well soon' situation. It's not known what but something improved in his thinking and he's willing to fight again. Speculation on my part, but maybe just being in an organized rehabilitation facility with supervising staff instead of being left alone at home to rehabilitate himself. I hope we see him on line here again soon. Good wishes from us can only help this continue.
  12. Continuing... While waiting for materials for the hoods, I decided to finish to completion the back half of the car. Everything here is either permanently attached (no mock-ups) or removable for maintenance. This is final form. I have modified the headlights for assembly and the front fenders will go on so the hood panels can be fabricated.
  13. The news of our friend is not good at this point. Monday the oncologist found that the chemo is not improving the cancer. Yesterday a CT scan revealed there are no clots in arteries but they decided to put him back in the hospital due to his condition. Thankfully his son is with him. C
  14. A very nice increase has occurred in Harry's Fund in the last 24 hours. You guys are first class and it comes at a really good time for him, morale - wise. He has been unable to get public assistance for therapy (disability) and has been increasingly worried about money. This state of mind, of course, is not good for his ability to fight a severely weakened heart AND cancer. He meets with his oncologist this week so his struggle is something that doesn't go away and few of us can relate to.
  15. For when we do have regular communication with Harry again - His son had mentioned to me that Harry is of course, irritable and fatigued by his circumstance. No appetite when you need all your strength is depleting. But he seems to take the most improvement in morale when folks recount personal events which have had positive results or good outcomes. We usually express our concerns by imploring him to eat, exercise and take meds. That has become an irritant, despite being well-meaning. Relating positive results of major illness or cancer sufferers and survivors seems to reinforce his resolve to fight it and do the right things for his improvement. That seems to give him renewed purpose and not stay depressed or give up. I'm sure many of us know such people and can do this vital thing for him. Right now, morale is more important than money...
  16. Wonderful thought Richard but let's give his son a shot - I know it was planned for when he gets there. The money at this moment is not the problem - it's Harry being able to get around himself. Plus he knows what his set-up requires and his boy will be there to get it and assist him. You got a good heart man and that's what I meant by Harry's extended family - it's right here.
  17. This is a key point which is very upsetting.. I know personally the value of having at least one caring and capable person at one's side during major illness. Shopping, getting to medical facilities, household chores to sustain daily life - it all falls on Harry almost all the time. His son is very good and effective but can't be there 24 / 7. He's coming for a week next week. Harry also has two daughters but they have young families and all three live in Ohio, not IL. Not around the corner. He has at least one brother but I do not know the extent of presence he / they have in Harry's situation. I think we're pretty much Harry's extended family...
  18. Here is the latest (1-21-'17) on Harry's current situation. His struggle is continuing and there's very little improvement. He has been released from the therapy facility and is home now - mostly alone. He gets looked-in on by a couple of neighbors and his family members stop by when they can. But he is largely alone. His weakened heart is making stairs and household activity very difficult. Compounding this is his loss of appetite from the bland food he was told to eat. So his strength is way down and he cannot exercise as he was in the facility. His son will be trying to get him a therapist at home for exercise. He's had 4 chemo treatments so far and they have not harmed him beyond great fatigue but there's yet no indication of how effective they are. A further disadvantage is he has suffered a monitor failure so has had no computer communication with anyone. He thinks he has a ton of email but cannot answer, so any of you that wrote him, that's why there's been no reply. His son will arrive Monday for a week and will surely get him hooked up to the web and us again. I know life goes on for all of us but I hope that as a group we can make a continuous, positive influence in Harry's life. He is struggling alone right now (as I know some of you do too) but your contributions and expressions of support will be like good medicine when we can communicate with him. Keep an eye for him next week here and those that can, email him your support. Harry has given a huge amount to all of us with marvelous model work and advice. Let's return those favors. C
  19. No Eric, it was planned and debated for a long time. The change was made necessary by the body location alterations and I was not happy having to piece in fillers to lengthen them.
  20. Up front... The body alterations now mean that the kit plastic top (and side) hood panels are too short. I decided to scratch build new top panels from aluminum. I must keep the side panels in kit plastic due to the louvers. This has been a long test process but finally have shapes that will work. They need structure and shims on the underside. They are loosely placed here until they can be bolted to the center hinge:
  21. Beautiful build and resto Mike. Sharp little model. My only thought is that the wires may be a bit overscale; but that's probably due to the kit's age. Great job bringing it back.
  22. A little 'eyewash'... Improving the stamped junk Pocher gives you with a little brass and soldering:
  23. And this is a guy who I am THRILLED to see active on the board again! Harry thanks for dropping in and glad you feel well enough to do so. The place just ain't the same without ya. Now that you're home, how about dragging out that big, spectacular, Shooting Brake and giving me a little RR company ??
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