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  1. Thank you, James and Harvey! Actually mirror arms are slightly curved. It is hard to make them level with my way of fitting.
  2. Thank you, guys! I appreciate it! Here are the photos of finished Dump Truck:
  3. Hi, Gents! Now I've finally finished photos of my first Dump Truck! I guess I happy with result, though there are some bugs. Here is the WIP if someone lost it: Feel free to ask questions! And enjoy pictures!
  4. Hello Daniel! Try to contact to Mikhail Petrenko. His nickname is: stratos75 http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/member.php?u=526712
  5. Thank you, Anton! I will use copys of steering column and side mirrirs for sure. Door cards, and dash board, and seats are different from silverado and Astro van.
  6. "Hi, Gents!" (c) Have found some time to scratch more plastic. Here is roof sandwich .. and back wall And moving forward I've found difficulties: the roof bends forward just behind the stamping and because it curves in two planes, I had to make a cutout But this solve the probleme partly. Roof bending should be smooth and have bigger angle. So I inserted 1mm square rod between layers. different view Also right stand was accidently cut in process (marked by arrow) and glued back/ :sorry: Final stage so far, but stands should be bended more. I pulled myself together and made a slipway Further upgrade Well, fitting Thank you for viewing!
  7. Thank you, Ron! I will keep it in mind if I can get testors liquid cement 3502xt in Russia.
  8. Hello, Gents! Last work has brought sad results, but perhaps someone needing this experience. So I masked off cab & bed to spray insulations & plastic Window frames were masked with foil. I thought it more accurate. But foil is hard to cut through sometimes with first cut. Second cut can damage paint under mask And you get this kind of shame: May be I should take new blade before cutting.
  9. Thank you, Francis! I guess the material is - polyvinyl chloride. Haven't glued them jet. Perhaps I will use super glue - gel or epoxy.
  10. Thank you, Francis! Hello, colleagues! It's time to start a cab. As I came to assemble a 1999 Silverado on a nearby topic, and Silverado & TopKick have the same bed, it is better to take measurements from Silverado bed, when it not glued to frame. And before that it's better to make cab. Armed with PDF-files Cab have rounded sides... ...so I desided to cut them from vent tube Printed drawings and glued on Back wall has difficult shape. It has a step outwards to increase cab space 2,5 inch more. So I divided this element to 3 pieces. The first one, which is reflecting the back contour of a cab I cut from styrene. It was mistake. It don't keep flat shape. Next I tried transparent plastic from candy box. Here is how looks pattern. Cutouts are not ready jet Sandwiched back wall. By the way, does anyone have a picture of 2000 TopKick's firewall? The only photo I could find was this ...but I'm afraid it's 1990 TopKick.
  11. I guess it might be too tricky to find 2 parallel wiper arms amoung PE wipers. You better leave these. One more thing: will you paint black middle line between grills?
  12. Thank you Chaz! You very kind, but every one can make things I've done! It's not so difficult.
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