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  1. Let's renew this dusty topic. I understood why I haven't pick up the Truck for a long time. It was time to make fasteners for axles to springs, and this is a tedious job. I worked on the front of the frame. It tapers to the bumper Cut off the excess plastic, made the front crossbar and added styrene on top The gearbox of the front axle was not quite correct, if you look at the photo from updates abowe. I cut it up and reversed the parts however the front and rear of the gearbox did not quite match. Made a spacer I couldn't resist trying it all on Now it's ready to attach the wheels and I can make up the cab. But while we're quarantined, I'll get another Pickup.
  2. I think I've found an answer. In my Cherolet Trucks book I can see a picture of 90-s Kodiak without Softray (I hope it's the right name) tinting. So I can skip it.
  3. Hello, colleagues! A Question: does anyone know, if green tint on top of the windscreen (see picture below), was a part of ALL Chevrolet's truck? Or may be it was an option? The reason I'm asking, that I can't spray green tint well. Should I try again?
  4. Well done, Peter! How have you illuminated flagstaff tops?
  5. Great work! KJ, what kind of rivets have you used?
  6. Some progress: Here is Chrome frame around headlight lenses Tried to copy with solder wire. Turn signals and tail lights were found in my spares. And future reflectors below Couple missing things. There is imitation of hood hinge environment below It is deep, under lower edge of hood. It will looks like this Here I tried to fix oblique tyres with strips of styrol, around the rim. Looks better, but not ideal Finally cut out flat windows Here is how I made an imitation of engine sump (in case it can be visable from one of angles). Used harden resin Noticed, that I missed one thing before painting: dump bed gaps I should fill with putty. Now it already filled and waiting for spraying again.
  7. Well done, Hermann! Which bumper you plan to fit to this model? I would use FLD's one as a base.
  8. Thank you Brian! Not much time left. I hope Ifinish it in couple months.
  9. Thank you Mike! So still working on small things: added a La brackets to fuel tanks Here I've made a crutch to front baterry box bracket becouse it interfere with front cab bracket Opened holes for reflectors. I had a big gap in left front wheel housing. So I drilled semi axis and glued 1.2mm brass wire instead of standart pin. And glued 2mm brass tube inside coresponding groove. I didn't like left fender panel line. Photo is bad, so I drawed it in photoshop Now I made a template ...filled the line. And lower wind sheeld gasget (scrached, when cut off wipoers) Sanded shooth Rescribed, but not ideal any way... Now everything is ready for priming. I have not used air brush for 2 years already Now the result has confused me. The pigment is going down too quik So first part of spraying is O-key, but the second one give me semi transparent layer. The primer is Motip aerozol merged out for air brush.
  10. I have made one in 2008. You can see it here Tom, I wouldn't use those engine shilds. They are hidding the engine after all. And be careful with joyning chassis and cab. In my case front wheels didn't match with wheel wels. I was have to move front axle.
  11. Side trim lines are too thick for me. Upper trim is not exist on a real machine. Beside upper cab corners are smoother on truck, then on a model. The hardiest thing to fix are windows: the windscreen sits higher, then side windows. But as you are not aiming for 100 percent accuracy and you have much things to do - it's O-key.
  12. Nice project, Jeff! Well done! Good luck with it! Especially with the cab. It slightly wrong as I compare to first photo.
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