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  1. We'll, I found your next one, this will be cool as is the Malibu.
  2. Very nice work, that is sweet!! Can't wait too see what you build next.
  3. Hello all...been a while yet again, last post on this one almost a year ago, was waiting on the white primer to dry, LOL. Anyways, finally shot some color to this, Sun Yellow, first time I've painted in color in at least 6 years. It's not perfect, some slight blemishes here and there, will touch up a bit. I will probably be adding some stripes after this cures for couple weeks. Thanks for looking in.
  4. Hello all, been a while yet again, still having fun with this project. Couple updates been working on over past couple weeks. Front window cutout complete fender flaring front and rear close to finished, they bulge out in fronts and curl under in rears for that aero look side window cutouts evened out, made template from one side and matched other side raised up rear quarters behind the rear meats, think it looks better that way spent a full week off and on smoothing the inside of body, still a little more to go working on a rear spoiler, machining my new wheels and adding the flaring around bottom of body to smooth out for that molded look Also, I've started checking around for casting, hope that works out, i know nothing about resin. As always, thanks so much for looking and I will at least finish this body one day...hopefully! hOLMS
  5. Thanks for the comments, great motivation. Few updates for different areas of the design, moving right...hope to make good progress on the next couple weeks. Last pic shows some of different stages of the build. Thanks for checking in!
  6. Awesome Darryl, think it's so cool to be building a replica of your own ride, very nice!
  7. Absolutely legendary work Chris, keep on rockin my friend! Truly amazing from a to z, I think that covers it!
  8. This is a great kit, like your version...have one stashed somewhere!
  9. I like it, one cool Vette right there...looks great!
  10. Hi all, thanks for the comments and I do hope to cast this one day. Couple updates, been putting in some pretty good time on these mods, hope to finish this year. Enjoy and thanks for looking.
  11. Looking great James, good work.....liking this a lot!
  12. Good luck with your build, I may be starting a 55 soon and interested in which way you go with it.
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