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  1. heres my cuda its testors classic black and white with the aar stripe under clear then polished out. the interior is flocked and the engine is wired.
  2. thanks guys i love to paint the most, i actually detailed the wheels and painted the markers but was lazy not to take another pic but ill upload a new one soon of it. but thanks for the comments
  3. heres my 69 superbee the paint is sublime green with the flatblck six pack hood and scoop,i wired the engine, and flocked the interior, also cleared with rustoleum clear and wetsanded and polished it out. if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  4. jon halt

    64 Dodge 330

    really nice mopar man, i really like the color, glad to see some people here from pittsburgh
  5. i have an account on youtube and i seen it when it first came out in my subscription box and i was so happy, even tho i passed up a chance to meet him this year in the PA rally cause they scheduled prom on that day how unlucky.
  6. wow really nice man i just finished mine i post pics later of it but nice job
  7. i also use a co2 tank it last for a long time i usually paint about 1-3 times a week and it last for about a year but they dont make any noise
  8. both single and double are good for painting but if you want more control i would get a double. i have the paasche talon and it works wonders and it is fairly cheap but make sure you get some spare needles cause my tip bent in a couple weeks but that was my first double action airbrush. and i am very happy i got it.
  9. what a beautiful paint job man i love it,what brand of clearcoat did you use?
  10. really nice man love the rally cars, i really want to make ken blocks new fiesta but havent found a ford fiesta but it should probly come out soon
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