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  1. Actually the red Carefree car has the same hump in the grille it's also a Kirby body, the Kirby Buttera bodies have a very short back end on them also, and like I said only 118 inch wheel base.The Duster on the Red restored Hot Wheels hauler is also a Kirby body that was originally the blue duster that Prudhomme repainted like the 1970 duster to match the hauler but has the body been lenghtened to a 125 inch wheelbase by the guy we bought it from in 2004.The Comp Resin Body has some issues the whole nose needs to be changed to use for the Mongoose bodies.
  2. The front Grille on the Hot Wheels body was not flat It had a grille hump in the center, and the Revellution Body is not a Kirby Buttera body. I'm speaking of the real cars.
  3. The Blue Hot Wheels body is a Kirby Buttera mini Duster body 118 inches very few were produced it actually is about 7/8 scale of a full duster.
  4. The old AMT 41 Willys kit also has a Olds engine and usally can be found on ebay.
  5. The Mustang II is the 1974/77 car, the 1985 mustang is completely different, I have pictures which car do you want
  6. John It's a terrific !!! Model, but like others have asked why the extentions on the bottom of the body, it sits too high nothing like the real car.The real car never ran those.
  7. Thats all I use, it makes for the cleanest opening and scale width, just takes longer, but I like the results
  8. That is the original wheelie bar, the car had only one with a fairly large tire on it, and the Blower scoop is the tall black one, here's some shots I took. The car is now in the Ford Motor Company Museum in Michigan
  9. I have a question, why the extensions on the bottom of the body, They are not on the real car.
  10. The AMT pro street Mustang was a reissue version of the Original MPC Malco Gasser was with a modified with a FLAT hood and different tires and wheels and side exhausts and other mods, but was pretty much 85% the Malco Gasser kit..The AMT Street Freak mustang is the reissue of the High Roller A/FX Mustang kit from the 1960's a completely different kit.
  11. Bob retired from racing and from Ford factory support in Feburary 1997 driving a Ford Probe, this came after a big blow out with ford a couple of years earlier saying how the new Mustang in pro stock was not competitive and Ford was spending too much money on the funny car programs.,they didn't renew his contract when it expired at the end of 1996.
  12. He builds blowers for any application, from the street to blown fuel hydro drag boats,he used to run a side by side twin engine corvette funny car in the early 1970's.. this is a cool blower!!!, I'll buy the kit only for that..,I don't care about the rest of the kit.
  13. Actually the blower in that kit is very rare as this is the only kit ever to do a Don Hampton Blower in a kit, it's very unusual because of it's 9 ribs on the side, 3 sets of 3 ribs, this blower was hugely poplar on top fuel cars in the 1960' and 1970's and funny cars, I suspect someone will cast that puppy.
  14. Goodyear is very expensive and hard to deal with on their licensing that is why most of the models companies have removed them, I think it's silly as it promotes their Goodyear name, other companies are better to deal with.
  15. Here's some more shots that might help you,even though there are some modern safety items on the car to run at nostalgia shows. Great build by the way..
  16. A lot of MPC funny cars back then were "stock wheelbase unaltered promo bodies" put over this Logghe style space frame chassis or a painted box art that showed what appeared to be altered body that really wasn't at all or a airbrushed photo of the car putting it back to a "stock wheelbase body"... AMT MPC and JOHAN all put stock bodies in some of their funny car kits at some point back then, it was cheap and easy instead of tooling a one off funny car body, but in my opinion MPC was the worse and the best !!....How you ask... MPC did some really accurate funny car kits such as the original 1966/67 Color Me Gone Dodge charger kit the 1969 Dick Harrell Camaro funny car kit and the Charlie Allen Saddleback 1969 Dodge Dart kit none of which was ever reissued!!!! .I have put up some pictures not that good quality so you guys can see what I'm talking about, how these kits are all over the place but basically all on the same chassis as the Bruce Larson kit (which showed a long nose Camaro FC body on the box art and wasn't... same deal as Kalitta's Bounty Hunter 1969 Mustang kit showing the from wheel wells moved forward) the bulk of the boxes were either a painted box art or a altered photograph but all were promo stock bodies inside and not accurate funny car bodies..In fact the Don Schmacher and the Hawaiian kits shown all had a digger style chassis in the real car and MPC gave you a space frame Logghe style chassis kit in the box. Back then I ran to the hobby shop all excited and bought theses kits for my 2 bucks each and got home and was very disappointed they were not like the real cars so I used them for parts LOL, today they are highly prized by collectors and very very expensive.
  17. The original MPC kit is not even close to accurate it's a logghe style chassis with a stock promo Camaro body on it with the hood molded shut and not close to the real car, it's just a stock body over their standard chassis they put in the kits back then..
  18. Here's some more shots for reference, The revell 70's digger style Chassis thats in the Mongoose kit would be correct, with a new body and engine would be the way to go if you study these pictures for the newer Camaro Body.The 68 Camaro would need the Hawaiian Chassis and Chevy motor.The first new 70 Camaro body was on the old space frame logghe style chassis and even had a opening drivers side fiberglass door to get in and out, then Bruce to be competitive had a new digger style chassis built, and a lighter mini style Camaro body, if you look close you'll see the differences between the two 1970 Camaro bodies.
  19. It's a fairly accurate kit for being 45 years old, the hilborns are crude and the slicks have not backs on them with a few parts for the parts bin it builds up to a nice representation of the real car which still exists. It won't kit bash with the Lindberg kit as the are way off Monogram is 1/24 and Lindberg is 1/25.
  20. I can tell you that the sales of the Hawaiian and Chi Town Hustler funny cars that Revell did were not very good at all, so I don't think they would do another new tool that can't be reused for other things, like the Chi Town Hustler it was a one off car that can't be used for anyone else's car... BUT !! the Hawaiian funny car kit could be used for many other cars... and they even could do a Camaro body for it and do Larson's car. Yes there are differences and it would need a lot of new tooling such as engine and wheels but it could be done.
  21. The tires with the plastic whitewall inserts are new
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