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  1. 3 hours ago, PatW said:

    I got fed up with BMF, so just use the edge of a Molotow Chrome Pen.

    All good Pat, Im lucky to still have some of the old New Improved BMF. 1/4 sheet and full sheet.

    After the 59 I will have to be very selective where I use it and minimize the off cut waste. The sheets of current batch of BMF is usable just very challenging, so I can understand everyone's frustration with it.


  2. Good to see you progressing with the paint work. 

    Yeah would look bad ass black, but as you stated the chosen colour is going to be way better as seen on the 1:1 inspiration.


    2 hours ago, Steve H said:

    This does have me thinking that I need to do a black build soon

    Sounds like a plan, look forward to seeing what subject you chose to coat in black.

  3. Thank you for all the comments.


    16 hours ago, Sandboarder said:

     Great concept of air bagging it and actually plumbing and installing a full compressor setup. 

    Thanks mate, got a bit slack with other detail work on the under carriage. Figured doing the air set up shows how it could stance that low and maybe inspire other's to add same detail to there low stance builds.



    8 hours ago, Plowboy said:

     I really like those wheels! Are they like that out of the box or did you modify them? 

    Yeah they are very cool wheels I like them a lot too. Two version's available 5 lug and 4 lug, or as they are called 4 hole and 5 hole.





    I did mod them, the inner lip was cut off, which I do most time's when using the Aoshima 14's.



    3 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

     A lot of work done to it, yet it looks like it came that way out of the box.

    Would have been nice to be oob the way I built it, would have saved me doing all the mods and work LOL! Nah, can be fun and rewarding to succeed in making an idea a reality sometimes.

  4. 15 hours ago, David G. said:

    Spectacular work on all of these!

    Thank you for taking time to share them with us.

    David G.


    12 hours ago, Erik Smith said:

    Great work! Spectacular paint jobs and super clean building. Thanks for taking the time to show us your work. 


    11 hours ago, Lunajammer said:

    I really appreciate your presentations here. Your excellent, clean photos do a lot of talking. 


    Thanks David, Erik and Mike. Appreciate your comments very much.

    I dont do the Social Media's, so this forum is the only place to share my builds and be inspired amongst like minded people. 


    8 hours ago, geemoney said:

    slippin the bags over the rod.. SO COOL!


    Cant say the idea is my own, seen a couple other builder's use that technique. A lot of what I do, has been learnt from others over the many years of being involved in the hobby.

  5. Done well doing all that trim. It certainly looks the part, can barely tell the difference between paint and foil when it comes to reflectivity and brightness.

    The GSW chrome is an excellent product, near on the same if not better than Alclad.

  6. Another stalled build from the parking lot completed.

    Here is some of the WIP

    Where I live its called a Ute so to me that is what it is. Feel free to call it what you like depending on your location.

    The Kit.



    The wheels.



    Usual Tamiya TS-14 Black and TS-49 Bright Red combo.

    Scratch built wheel tubs and modified raised bed floor. Back half rear frame scratch built. 














    Aoshima spare parts modified driver side view mirror.




    Scratch built air system. Exhaust chopped and spare parts hot dog.






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  7. 15 hours ago, Steve H said:

    Very crisp! That’s a great looking interior Luke, and nice work on the rear suspension. Looks like you are getting close… I definitely need to get one of these little trucks. I’ve seen a handful built, and like them all. Loving the low stance.

    Cheers, Steve

    Thanks Steve.

    Yeah on the home stretch. Very cool little ute's, worth getting a couple for sure, quick easy fun builds.


    10 hours ago, Beamerman said:

    Great work and building idea´s! Very nice...keep going!

    Thanks D, hoping I can keep the motivation and momentum on going.


    9 hours ago, chris chabre said:

    LOVE what you did with everything so far!!!

    Thanks Chris.

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