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  1. I was in Michael's in northern NJ, which carries more than a representative selection of plastic kits. The section was fully stocked with military (aircraft, ships), space shuttle, Titanic, snap-kits, but overall 75% cars. What I noticed...not a single NASCAR subject. Not one. Is their some link between Nascar's marketing missteps and what shows up at a mass market craft store (and one of the biggest kit sellers) in this densely populated area? I couldn't get over it, although I hear that people can't give away Nascar kits online.
  2. Good work on that. I like seeing the old kits...Lee Town, Jordan, Ulrich (!), etc.
  3. The camper body raises up like a dump body, and the cab can then be tilted. And lest we forget, Revell produced two C cab models in HO scale, back in the 1960s. The moving van came with furniture:
  4. My contribution to this thread, from a 2008 thread, a C-cab RV! http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16195&st=0&p=138814 Also, I still have my AMT original issue C-cab, built but in pieces. If anyone is looking for a part or parts, message me and I'll see what I can do.
  5. Lou Kroack authored one of the first books on model trucking, "Collecting & Building Model Trucks," a rarity if you can find it. His models were frequently featured in Auto World's catalogue. A heartfelt thanks to Lou and Phil Jensen who did so much to boost scale trucking.
  6. An old school favorite of mine. Anyone have a photo of the real thing?
  7. I have seen rivets reproduced with white glue applied with a pointed tool.
  8. Only 10,000 hours of amateur handwork to pop out this beauty...wonder if someone here could replicate this in scale? See more at http://breganzane.com/blog//snfl.php/2009/05/23/completed-1
  9. Anyone else love steam power? To have been born in the 19th century! *sigh* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfIr_s2Y49o
  10. Just came across this, it would make an intriguing project for the re-issue Ford C-600. It's built on a dump bed, which lifts the camper body for access to the engine under the tilt-cab. There's a blog to go with it: http://roverhauler.wordpress.com/2008/07/ More oddities at the R/V Hall of Fame: http://www.rvmhhalloffame.org/ Stuart
  11. That is enviable work. I would only suggest that because the Tichy parts are plastic, you could snip the bolt head from the stem and glue directly to the cab, and eliminate all that drilling. In smaller scales, I've seen people use dots of white glue to simulate rivets.
  12. I used piano-type hinges from Tripart years ago for a Kenworth COE. I drilled holes for short lengths of brass wire in the cab to serve as locator pins for the hinge, worked very well if you take your time.
  13. Art, Always good to see a vintage truck subject, looking forward to seeing more progress!
  14. That's some sharp engine work. And, thanks for the tip on the decal resource. I still am looking for decals of Bendix air cleaner labels. There are some car kits that provide a wealth of underhood decals suitable for truck applications.
  15. Old and antique Mack trucks and parts for sale, links, etc. Tons of good photos for those modeling the most famous name in trucking (sorry about that, Tim!). http://www.oldmacks.com/ Stuart
  16. FYI -- Microscale and other companies make woodgrain decals sheets in different hues. Stuart
  17. I am a longtime truck modeler, and greatly respect the work turned out by people here, it's inspiring. But, I just cannot get excited about reissues of 35-year old (or older) kits, without any upgrades, at high prices. What we eagerly accept from manufacturers and reissuers would make the model railroaders laugh until they can't breathe. They've got the latest motive power and rolling stock with state-of-the-art tooling, factory-assembled etched components, finescale detail, and digital control and sound. I can only guess that the U.S. market for truck models is so small that there is not sufficient potential for providers to chance investment on new kits. Stuart
  18. There goes Tim again, single-handedly driving up the price of aluminum! Nice work on that as usual, good to see how you bring life to older kits with those subtle improvements. Stuart
  19. On the lookout for interesting details, I found these from The Backshop. They're 1/48th (O) scale, but could be used with trucks in other scales. Disclaimer: I'm not connected with The Backshop, these just look like neat items. http://home.onemain.com/~thebackshop/index2.htm Greyhound Boyce MotoMeter The Backshop also is distributing a Kenworth log conversion kit for use with the old Revell KW reissued a few years ago.
  20. Tim- Great build. Are those headlights and other details you mentioned in the first post commercially available? Stuart
  21. Ken- I've always seen shovels or brooms shoved handle-down behind the handrails that run along the sides of the dumpbed. I've also seen them stored this way behind grab handles on the cab rear. I suppose you could also rig some kind of securement along the chassis side as well, I've seen some implements carried this way, too. Stuart
  22. Hello all- Came across this in my never-ending search to find unique and stimulating reference material. It includes a step-by-step photo tour of building a 1:1 house truck, and much other stuff. Cheers! http://www.housetrucks.com/maindex.html Stuart
  23. Ismael-- I should have known better than to post without searching the archive! But that is exactly what I was looking for. Many, many thanks! Stuart
  24. I once read an article (source long forgotten) on using a refillable air tank for airbrushing without a compressor. Ever the penurious modeler, I have acquired for free a tank that rests horizontally on the floor. My questions: How can I fill it at a gas station, and how do I connect my Paasche airbrush? What parts do I need, where to purchase said hardware? Much thanks in advance. Stuart
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