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  1. 1969 Ford Torino Cobra Kit #6893 1990 Release Date This kit is a 3 in 1 affair: stock, custom, and NASCAR. There are 7 sprues molded in light gray styrene, 1 chrome sprue, 1 clear sprue, 1 small red transparent sprue, body, interior tub, and floorpan. In a review by Bluesman Mark on the 69 Torino Cobra Modified Stocker, he included a small history where he stated that the 69 MS was retooled back to near annual kit configuration in the early 90's. The body in this kit concurs with his review by reveiling the marks inside the wheelwells where they were once radiused. The Body: The body is fairly decent with no real flash, and with the usual mold lines. There are two screw hole attachments on the radiator core that reflects it's promo roots. The exterior around the wheelwells show no deformation from the tooling being restored from its initial Modified Stocker configuration. Floor Plate and Interior Tub: Reflecting its promo/annual kit roots, the drive shaft, rear end/axle, and leaf springs are molded in. There is some flash in the floor plate that will have to be taken care of to look decent. There is a small sprue attached. Parts Sprues: The stock car steel wheels are spread out among the sprues. All gray styrene sprues are in a single bag along with the body. 428 Cobra Jet V8: Choice Of Dashboards: Stock and NASCAR: Chrome Parts: The chrome parts were bagged separately and look decent. Stock and custom wheels are attached. Clear Parts: The clear parts were not bagged separate. Other Parts: A clear red sprue holds two taillights. There are two metal pins for the front wheel spindles, and the metal rod for the rear axle. two sets of tires are included: a set of stock tires and a set of racing slicks for the NASCAR version. A small decal sheet is also included.
  2. Before you do that, can you get CA Debonder? If so, try a small amount on the smear and see if it comes loose. I do not know if it would hurt the paint or not, but it could be a chance to avoid sanding and repainting the door. Just an idea.
  3. Good information here. Where did the '40 sedan delivery originate? Did it come from the coupe or was it its own entity? Thanks
  4. http://www.johanmodels.com/ okey@johanmodels.com I got the Pontiac, Belvedere, and the Cutlass off of the web site. It appears that the colors of the kits Okey sells at the shows are different than those offered through his site. I've also ordered the promo version of the 59 Rambler. I'm still waiting on it, but he said it would take some time. Too bad I'm never near any show where he attends.
  5. Hey guys, After reading this thread, i went out the Big Lots near me. At this store, they had the Escalades, 300Cs, 76 Caprices, 69 Baracudas, 71 Mustangs, International Scouts, 61 Rancheros, Camaro street rods, GMC trucks, and Silhouettes. I grabbed a Shilouette, 76 Caprice, and a Mustang.
  6. I agree with the condition of the 40 Ford. I built an earlier release of the Ford over 10 years ago, and it did not have the issues that this one has. I got the body of this Ford nearly cleanned up now, but along with the flash, it also had pin marks on the outside of the body.
  7. The nearest Walmart is in California, MD. They are currently becoming a Super Walmart, and clearanced most of their kits this spring. They moved their tow section this past week, but I did not see a trace of the remaining models or supplies.
  8. This is the current release of Lindberg's 49 Ford which I picked up at my local hobby shop. This kit is in 1/32 scale. This may not be favorable with those who prefer 1/24 and 1/25 scale kits. However, it is another option for those who are into old Fords. The Kit: This kit comes with 4 sprues: 3 in white plastic, and one in clear. There are no chrome-plated parts included. Therefore, the parts that are suppose to chrome will need to sprayed with Alclad chrome or covered with BMF. The wheel/tire assemblies come in two halves. Assembled, they appear too rounded, but nothing a sanding stick can't handle. This kit is also a curbside kit with the frame, exhaust, and engine molded to the floor pan. However, though molded together, the rear axle and driveshaft are separate. There is some flash on the parts that will have to be removed. The Body The body comes in 3 parts. I have glued the body together, and it needs some putty and sanding to be perfect. This is one of a few 1/32 scale car kits that is offered by Lindberg. For those into racing slot cars, this could be good for conversions as well.
  9. Looking good there. Which AMT chassis did you use for the Superbird?
  10. This review is for the current issue of the 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente kit. It is a special run AMT repop that is being distributed through Model King. I picked up this example from Hobby Heaven. Kit: This is a curbside kit with no engine, molded in hood, and few parts. The provided parts only make a stock version. The chrome parts sprue is the only real sprue in the kit. All of the details underneath are molded in, including a representation of an engine. The body is bagged separately while the chrome was in another. A third bag contains the floor pan/chassis, interior tub, and dash. The steering wheel was in a smaller bag taped to the tub. A fourth bag contained the tires, red clear parts, and two metal axles. The glass is also bagged separate, and is scratch free. Body: When cleaning up the body, watch for mold lines at the A pillar where the door panel line is suppose to be. There are also mold lines on the front and rear fender peaks, off the B posts, and on the hood and trunk edges. There are four sink marks on my example: two on the front of the hood, and two on the back of the trunk lid. These are from the pins in the body that mate with the pins on the chassis. While the simple make up of this kit can make for a quick build, there is also potential for detailing and bashing.
  11. This is the current release of the AMT 1937 Chevrolet Coupe which is being distributed through Stevens International. I found my example at my LHS, and was drawn in by the nostalgic box art. I'll give some in-box information on the kit. Kit The kit consists of 10 sprues (1 clear, 2 Chrome, and 7 white plastic) which are packed among 7 bags. Another bag contains 2 sets of tires, a metal axle, and transparent red piece. The glass is packed separately in a bubble wrap pouch. The clear sprue contains headlights, and a clear custom hood. The parts are packed, and one will need a lot of luck getting them back in once taken out. This is a 3 in 1 kit, and contains loads of extra parts including Cragar wheels, extra grill, bumpers, and other parts for the parts box. Also, there are two complete engines with this kit; a stovebolt 6 cylinder, and a 427 V8. Body Inspection of the body showed that little cleanup is needed compared to other AMT kits. The fenders are separate, and dry fitting showed promising fit. On the body, there are noticeable mold lines that run the C pillar from the drip molding to the fender. Also, there is a hole on the passenger side just in front of the rear fender that will need filled if the custom gas filler cap is not used. So far, the kit looks good. I will add an update after I build the kit.
  12. Not too long ago, I was searching the internet for information on jo-han model kits. I came across Johan Models fairly new web site. Here's the link: http://www.johanmodels.com/ There is not much there now, but they retooled the Turbine and Rambler Wagon. Also, there are some NOS promos there with resin parts to upgrade them. I bought and now waiting on the 56 Plymouth Belvedere in Briar Rose. The Plymouth promo is NOS while the mold is being converted to kit form.
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