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  1. Sorry to hear this Brian. It's always sad to lose a board member.
  2. The Poncho looks superb Peter. Looks like you'll be busy over the next few months!
  3. Built box stock, and painted with Tamiya Racing Blue, Red Primer and Pearl White. I used embossing powder for the carpeting, and solved the windshield problem by painting a black border on the back of the 'glass' before glueing in place. Another great kit from Revell with some excellent parts fit.
  4. This is a replica of an old daily driver bought new by me in 1983, using the Revell kit as a base. My car had rare (cough) wheeltrims rather than the usual 4-hole alloy wheels, as per the attached photo of a similar car. I pirated some similar pepperpot wheels from the Tamiya Sierra. The right hand dash is a blend of AMT and the kit's LHD unit, I removed the molded in LHD wipers and used the RHD versions from the Sierra kit. Paint is Tamiya Bright Red, the interior is two shades of grey with red piping made from plug wires. I found some UK licence plates online, they use self adhesive stickers for the letters which were challenging to apply but add a touch of realism. Thanks for looking.
  5. Nice build and welcome back to this wonderful hobby.
  6. Nice clean build, but it won't easily stop on a dime!
  7. It looks photoshopped, but it's just the perspective showing that effect. I found two other photos with the 327 cid lettering. Either that, or someone has been busy!
  8. Not this time, I liked the satin look.
  9. This is the Revell of Germany offering from a few years ago. I added some Hobby Design photoetched detail for the grilles and emblems etc., and used Tamiya Pearl Lime Green paint. I knew about the gullwing doors not fitting too well, at least they open and close securely. Otherwise an excellent kit.
  10. The hole goes between the block and the separate sump and is quite easy to fill. Not like the bad ol' days of the sixties.
  11. Thanks Jonathan, more time to save up....
  12. I hope the Japan release is sooner . There is no mention of engine detail on the box art, but I will buy several anyway - hopefully someone will produce decals for this version, driven in the GT International Open series. The car looks great in this colour.
  13. Great news - I will buy and build several of these. Thank you Tamiya!
  14. It seems that you have already learned much from tips and criticisms - that looks terrific. If I may, I suggest you try painting your whitewalls with acrylic paint. They can be sprayed using a circle template as a mask, but I have had success using Citadel (Warhammer) paint carefully brushed on in several light coats. The first coat is the most difficult, but many tyres have a lip to form the outer circumference of the whitewall. Subsequent coats are easier to apply. These were handpainted:
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