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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments guys and help with the colour (I'm British!) for the Platt car. As I said earlier, I've already built 5 racecar replicas with steelies/Radirs etc so I wanted this one to be totally different. More of a shortcut than a detour, it's just a curbside because I had to get this 'finished' for our monthly club night on Thursday. (see you there, Brett) Looks like I'll have to add an engine at a later stage when I find a suitable candidate... and suspension...dang, now it's another unfinished project
  2. That looks great keep it up, you're almost there!
  3. This is my latest build, it started out as a replica of Hubert Platt's Georgia Shaker but took a detour I had polished and BMF'd the body when I realised I hadn't removed some emblems where decals are supposed to go . Wasn't sure about this blue being correct either (Tamiya Metallic Blue). So plan B was hatched, using some Pegasus wheels, Hertz Mustang front seats and a scrap chassis to build this curbside replica. I have already built 5 racecar replicas, but if anyone knows the correct shade of blue please let me know (preferably rattle can, I don't have an airbrush). Thanks for looking.
  4. Really nice work, keep it coming and don't lose heart.
  5. This is my contribution to the current old Ford builds - just finished this evening Thanks for looking.
  6. That looks awesome! My kinda style and I'm loving that colour.
  7. Good looking build so far Adam. I'm with you on the no headlights idea - here's a 37 Chev I built, looks much less bug-eyed without them.
  8. maltsr

    2010 Builds

    Being a member of a club is a great incentive to build....
  9. maltsr

    Matranga Merc

    Thanks guys. No engine shots 'cos its just a curbside. Difficult to get interior shots through the narrow windows, but it's from the AMT '40 coupe and painted Tamiya pearl white.
  10. Hi everyone I'm another new member and this is my latest build, based on the Jimmy Flintstone Matranga Merc. If this works, more 2010 builds to follow!
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