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  1. James, Awesome start to a cool build. The guys at Mongoose build a lot of the Grand Sport Corvettes including the one in the Fast and Furious movies. I am sure you will knock this out of the park. By the way don't forget our meeting Thursday night. Bring an appetite, we are doing pizza and bring a wrapped model if you want to participate in our drawing. Tom
  2. I haven't even picked one of these up yet. You're going to have to slow down a little! LOL Tom
  3. Thanks for the Google link. It has both of my Gibb models shown there, my funny car and the ZL-1 Camaro. Tom
  4. Matti, Did you get any help with pictures? I have numerous if you would like. Send me your e-mail address and I will send them to you. Tom
  5. Tom, if you see me wandering around at the photo time, grab me and send me in the right direction please! Thanks, Tom
  6. Real nice build Charles, welcome back! Tom
  7. Thanks for the votes and kind words about my Camaro. I built it from and old AMT kit to be the way I remember them from back in the early '70's. Very nice builds everyone, and once again thanks for the votes! Tom
  8. Ismael, Beautiful! Very clean and awesome build! Congratulations. Tom
  9. Very nice! That and the Silver car he drove at the Winston are my favorites! Yours turned out awesome! Tom
  10. Raul, thanks for the nice words, I am happy with it and it is a keeper! Tom
  11. The kit is the '67 Corvette from Revell. The wheels are out of the '37 Ford kit I think. The hardtop came from an old '63 kit, not sure the date or manufacturer. The slicks are old pieces out of a junk drawer with a blue line decal out of the AC Cobra kit. Thanks for looking. Tom
  12. No problem John, Keven at Whoopie Kat is awesome to work with and will help in any way, He is on the west coast. Tom
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