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  1. Naydrus added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Re Chroming
    I got my model of a 67 Olds Toro, and upon further inspection, I noticed the chrome on the front end is starting to fade. Is there a way I can re-chrome it without having to send it out? What is Alclad? Ive seen it mentioned a few times.
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  2. Naydrus added a post in a topic Does Plug Wire Color Really Matter?   

    I thought the purpose of this forum was to express our creative sides... how we interpret (sp) our builds. If your a average builder like me, who cares what you use to create a outcome. In reference toe the sewing thread for wires.... guess what.. I DID! I did it on my Mercury. I say use what you want.. how you want.
  3. Naydrus added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1967 Olds Toronado
    I won this car on auction from Ebay, it was the closest I could find to my moms real life 1968 Olds Toronado. Even though they are one year different, I plan on modeling it after the one my mother owns. All I have to say is... THIS KIT IS OLD. I have NEVER felt plastic like this before, it feels almost brittle. Suprisingly, even though the kit was opened, all pieces were intact, a few were sitting in a plastic baggy inside. The chrome was in good shape. From what I have gathered, this car was purchased from a store called Barkers or Bakers, in Monroe LA on Dec 28, 1968. (The date and whatnot were written in pen on the box) They paid a $1.59... yes, you read that right... $1.59! I wish we could buy kits like that for those prices! All my other projects are being put on hold, as I want to dedicate all my skills to this one car. Here are a few pics of parts laid out... its going to be a interesting build!

    PS- Sorry for stating such a paragraph about this... just I am very excited about this build, as I have never seen this kit before. To me, this is a rare, once in a lifetime project that I will probably never find again.
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  4. Naydrus added a post in a topic 64 Mustang   

    Im not a Ford fan, but that is absolutely beautiful.... great job!
  5. Naydrus added a post in a topic 37 ford truck grill   

    I have yet to work with resin... but if someone is casting a specific part because A: Its cool, and B: Its functional in the aspect of that it can be used on different builds, then I see no reason why they shouldnt be allowed to. Im fully aware of the whole copyright thing.. but stop and look, people download music and movies from the Net all the time? They cant lock ALL of us up.
  6. Naydrus added a post in a topic revell 41 willy's   

    I built this kit years ago.. and loved it. Too bad my X wife trashed my collection. Seeing yours reminded me that I should get another one... looks great dude!
  7. Naydrus added a post in a topic Dragon Wagon   

    That... is.... too... bloody... cool! I wanna drive!
  8. Naydrus added a post in a topic 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z28   

    I like that color.... its subtle.. but stands out at the same time... excellent build! Just the right amount of touches to make her look classy. (Sorry, all cars to me are female, lol) I might have to build another First Gen Camaro at some point.. I already did the Yenko, and loved it. (Its posted in the Under Glass thread) By the way, I have that EXACT engine stand too! I need more of em!
  9. Naydrus added a post in a topic 50 Olds Convertible   

    That is one beautiful Olds vert! Was it a kit? If so, I wanna get my hands on one. Great job!
  10. Naydrus added a post in a topic carbon gtx   

    Dude.. that is one serious lookin motor you got there.... love the green though!
  11. Naydrus added a post in a topic Haman Ferrari F430   

    That is pretty slick dude.... loe the color combo... would have never seen it on a Ferrari, but you pulled it off nicely!
  12. Naydrus added a post in a topic Just wrong on so many levels   

    Isnt that the Minolta Toyota 88C Race car??
  13. Naydrus added a post in a topic "Easyriders" L.S.R.H. Streamliner #2   

    That is just too cool! Excellent job on the details!
  14. Naydrus added a post in a topic `67 Chevrolet Chevelle SS   

    Engine on the left looks better in my opinion. The intake looks more realistic. Both look nice.. but I would go with #1 if I had a choice.