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  1. roush16 added a post in a topic AMT Hippie Hemi   

    Far out man! It is a pain in the A** for sure. I started it back in 1976 and never finished it until a few years ago, lol. Nice job!
  2. roush16 added a post in a topic 1929 Ford Roadster: Bare Necessities   

    Looks like a jet ready for take off. Super sleek bare bones beauty. Nice.
  3. roush16 added a post in a topic ´55 Chevy   

    Nice clean build. Paint looks sweet. 55 is my fav year chevy.
  4. roush16 added a post in a topic AMT 66 Pro Street Nova Progress   

    Hey Guys! Thanks for the kind words! They are a fun build for sure and as you state Joe, the frame with the tubs can be used on endless other models. You can even just cut out the rear half with the tubs and use it in another frame as Im sure you know. Thanks again guys!
  5. roush16 added a post in a topic AMT 66 Pro Street Nova Progress   

    Thanks Rich!
  6. roush16 added a post in a topic 68 charger gasser , final assembly   

    Coming along nicely! Rally diggin the roll cage as well. Keep it going
  7. roush16 added a post in a topic Model A Roadster   

    Nice Job! I really like the seat idea.
  8. roush16 added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    I like the new direction you took with it. I love those old school mile high gassers!
  9. roush16 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    AMT 66 Pro Street Nova Progress
    Hey guys and gals. Been a while sine I have posted. Been on a military model binge for a while. Heres some pics on the progress of my 66 Nova. Im so/so happy with it so far. When I say so/so I mean half and half, lol. Seats need to be redone. Decided to open the trunk and use a hinge that should keep the trunk open by itself but it has to be adjusted and then should be fine. Scratchbuilt a fuel cell which is not done yet, distributor, racing shifter out of styrene and old photoetch from a tank model, rollbar, optima battery and some more scratch building details to come. Cant decide on what color, either Testors lacquer Deja Blue or Test Lacq Blazing black. Any suggestions... Please feel free to critique. Thanks!

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  10. roush16 added a post in a topic Roush #16   

    Excellent job bowser! I ruined a set of decals building this same car! You are correct about Ted. He raced in ARA series. He started in the CWRA which was the Central Wisconsin Racing Association with Alan Kulwicki. His first break in Winston Cup came with Ray Dewitts 55 team in 1990 when he replaced Rich Volger who was killed at Salem Speedway. My cousin who works on a NASCAR team was Teds neighbor in NC when Ted was running the truck series.
  11. roush16 added a post in a topic 69 Chevelle SS Pro Mod WIP   

    Another amazing and inspiring build like the Corvette. You are an artiest. Keep em coming.
  12. roush16 added a post in a topic 2001 Corvette C5-R Pro Mod WIP   

    That is amazing. Your metal work is impressive. Thats more than a just building a model. I feel like a complete beginner after seeing that, lol. Keep the updates coming!
  13. roush16 added a post in a topic Dale Jarrett's Food Lion/Dinner Bell Buick   

    Thought I was the only one who remember this one! Been a Dale fan since the begining. My dad was a Ned fan so it was regulation, lol. Nice job!
  14. roush16 added a post in a topic Saturday Night Special !!   

    Being an armor modeler for years before coming back to the shiny side I love the weathering on the truck! Nice job!
  15. roush16 added a post in a topic Revell/GearZ contest entry   

    Looks great! Your a lucky guy to have a girlfriend that has interest in the hobby!