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  1. Great job on the Cuda and JD Anthony. Am I sensing a little Tim the toolman Taylor with that lawn mower?
  2. I was the youngest of a clan of grandkids that would travel to Nova Scotia to spend a couple weeks with my grandparents during the summer holidays. Grandpa would take us all to K-mart where we could pick out a model to build. This was his way of finding something for us to keep busy on a rainy day. I have great memories of sitting around the kitchen table building these kits almost in a race like fashion.
  3. I like the Torino myself. It isn't a car we see to often anymore.
  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dave.
  5. Actually, this takes a little pressure off me trying to convince my wife that I don't have too much at all. Very impressive.
  6. You have my full attention on this build. I picked up one of these kits yesterday.
  7. I find shipping costs are the deal breaker for buying from eBay. Often shipping is double or triple the cost of the model.
  8. Take care of that heart Chris. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Rob
  9. I am very sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  10. That's funny. Were you trying to imitate Superman with his abs of steel? lol
  11. Very nice job on the Chevelle. I sure hope someone from the GM design team is following along with this.
  12. I love the GTO in that color. Great build!
  13. Very nice build Stefan. Nice and clean.
  14. Brett, that just looks plain cool! Looking forward to seeing this come together.
  15. That paint job sure came out great John. Geeze, the entire build is looking great.
  16. I finally had some time to finish up the sanding on the body and get it in paint.
  17. Wow, I think it looks great. I have always had a soft spot for these Mustangs even though they weren't super popular in their time. You sure have done this one justice Emmanuel.
  18. Welcome Dan. I'll be watching your build for sure. I recently picked up this kit as well.
  19. Both my son and daughter built models with me on and off while they were growing up. My daughter now 15 has no interest any longer but my son now 19 will still build the odd kit and comes to the model show with me. My dad was building models before he died a few years back. I also have a cousin who is into this hobby as much as I am.
  20. You are doing a remarkable job on this diorama Richard. I just love it.
  21. Your 57 is looking really nice Fred. Do you BMF after using the Tamiya rubbing compund? I have always been a little nervous about the BMF maybe not sticking.
  22. That is a great idea Benjamin. I'll have to look into getting some of that wood. Thanks for sharing the idea.
  23. It's coming along very nicely John. I noticed the guages on the tanks as well. How did you do those?
  24. Wow, I could only laugh when I read this. I guess there is always a lemon in every line. Mine sure wasn't perfect either but I was in love with it. I didn't have the problems you have mentioned Mike. I would say it is worth while recreating the beast in 1/25 scale.
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