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  1. Like you stated there are a few sheets already available for this body style, from different sources. Hopefully there is also a plan to do the 65 sedan as well as there were far more teams that ran that body style as opposed to the hardtop.
  2. I don't get many opportunities to attend shows much lately but I plan on going to the NNL in Atlanta in two weeks after an eight year absence.
  3. A Facebook posting from Dave Burkett's page says late 2019, early 2020 for a release. Hopefully that's true as so many of us have been waiting a while for this.
  4. Scratchbuilt a toolbox for the drivers side and started adding marker lights for the bed.
  5. They are resin items that came with a resin cast 67 D700 crew cab that I picked up years ago.
  6. The one other consideration with these kits release is that hopefully Slixx will be on board to create some added decal sheets for different drivers.
  7. All of the paint and decal work is complete on the cab and hood. The bed is painted and I pulled out a resin cast winch to add to the bed as well. I also scratchbuilt ramp extensions from styrene and the scale expanded metal material that I'm using. I also pulled a fuel tank from the parts box and scratchbuilt chassis hangers from styrene. I will also build a toolbox to match the fuel tank for the opposite side of the truck.
  8. The headache rack was made out of brass. The material that looks like expanded metal came from the VCR.
  9. There is a guy on Facebook that does custom decals for drag cars. He makes a sheet with the Weld decals. You can find him under either Mike Coleman or Buckeye Slot Cars.
  10. Got some paint and decals on the cab. I never throw anything away because you never know when it might come be useful. In this case some material from an old VCR that resembles scale expanded metal. I cut a piece to size for the headache rack along with making running board tread with the same material. I also scratchbuilt a front bumper. And a visor from the parts box.
  11. Saw this as a late December, early January reissue.
  12. More updates. Tires and wheels are painted and installed. Chassis has base color paint on it. Still need to weather detail it. Scratchbuilt running boards along with creating the tilt nose hinge and cut out the grill for added mesh grill. Also added a resin cast skull hood pull.
  13. Working on the operating mechanism for the sliding and tilting bed.
  14. A bit more. Started on the framework for the rollback bed, got some primer on the bed and stacks and decided that the light bar would best fit on the cab.
  15. A few more small updates. I scratchbuilt a headache rack out of brass and styrene. It will also be used to mount the exhaust stacks as well as a light bar on top. I cut away the front end to figure out where to hinge it at. And I pulled out a 3d printed roof rack that I recently purchased, not knowing where I was going to use it. Now I know.
  16. More progress on the rollback. The chassis kitbash is coming along. Lots of saved parts from different sources. One good reason to never throw anything away. I also never throw away used pens because they can serve so many model building purposes. In this case I'm using two old bic pens for my exhaust stacks because the diameter is perfect and after cutting away the pen piece the tapered area makes for a perfect transition to the rest of the exhaust. I also extended the nose, which will eventually be made into a tilt nose.
  17. Yes. They are available from Chuck Boerner. Check him out on Facebook for ordering info.
  18. It's time for change of pace. I've had this plan in my head for some time now and I'm ready to get started. I'm building a Rat Rod Rollback using a Jimmy Flintstone rat rod Peterbilt body as the base. The resin body comes with the interior, seats, and grill. The tires and wheels are also resin items. They were some extras from a resin cast 67 Dodge crew cab that I have for a future build. The rollback bed is from a diecast piece. The chassis is being kitbashed from multiple kits including an A100 and an F350 dually. The engine will be a 413.
  19. This one is done. I had some issues with the clear coat on the passenger side of the car so I added some Slixx tire scuffs in the problem area. Not a big deal as this was simply a glorified shelf model anyways.
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