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  1. Stretched 72", custom stainless front bumper, early work in progress.
  2. Building the revell w900 wrecker and would like some fuel system reference. I have the artcle on the subject from scale auto which ws a great help in doing the injector lines but leave a little to be desired regarding the rest of the system. Thanks
  3. One step forward... 2 steps back. The step forward is I got theInjector lines finished...the step back is my airbrush has stopped working properly frustrating since it worked fine last week (it's new to me my first dual action brush a badger 150) one head won't spray at all just bubbles in the jar. The other head will spray but only in pulses. I'm going to try to get another head this week as I think the nozzle is junk in the bubbles one.
  4. no, you're not. I built one weigh my dad when I was about 7 or 8. Slays wanted to do another
  5. I highly recommend the revell Germany w900 kit. In building the wrecker now and fit and finish is excellent Your truck looks good
  6. I've already told you this story in private Harry but thought it may pass along a bit of inspiratio to others who may need it My great grandmother was diagnosed with bowel cancer. They decided to operate, the surgeon cut her open, took one look and closed her up. When she came around from the anesthesia he told her "Mrs durning, you need to get your affairs in order". She asked what the he'll he meant by that (direct quite I'm told) and he told her she had 6 months maybe at the very outside. She told him flat out nope He asked what do you mean no " no I'm not ready to die yet." "I don't think it's really up to you to decide that..the canc-" "I'm. Not. Ready. To. Die. Yet" She lived another 20 years. There's something to be said for stubbornness Harry. Be stubborn. Kick. Scream. Fight dirty. Beat it.
  7. Whichbisnthe exact kit I'm building and looking for these decals for
  8. Building this kit and one of the hinges is broken. Attempts to Re glue it have been ... Unsuccessful. Need this part!
  9. That is one idea I've had rattling around and the other was to use actual solid round bar to machine them.
  10. 12 hour day at work yesterday so no progress to report today but tonight I hope to get the interior finished up and maybe some primer on the cab and wrecker body
  11. Did a bit more tonight Flocked the floor of the cab and started detailing the dash
  12. Even just 3408" in the fancy script and the pinstripes would do. I think that's just a gorgeous engine
  13. Building the revell kenworth wrecker and I'm looking to replicate these graphics or something similar on the valve covers. Anything out there?
  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Soon I'll actually dig the kit back out and do some more actual work on it now that car and gun season (summer) is over lol
  15. indeed. 18436572 ...it's how smart people count to eight.
  16. So 18 months and change now... Off the charts for her height. Something like the 140 th percentile (she's 3 feet tall) Apparently being a lamb is quite serious business.
  17. Some new bits, exhaust brackets for cab and running boards to go on the tanks. Made them to mimic that expanded mesh grating you often see
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