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  1. Thank you very much. I will take the much heeded advice for the future.
  2. I took my address off but it still shows up in quotes?
  3. Thank you so much if there's anything you need just ask. John
  4. That's why I love this site. We all help out each other one way or another. I certainly appreciate your help with these.
  5. Are they very different between years? How much work to make them work in your opinion ? Like I said I have tried to make these several times to no avail. If I cannot do this easily, I'm going to look for another alternative. Please get back to me. John
  6. Looking for resin fender skirts for a 1960 Impala. Not long one's just for the wheel well opening. I have tried several times at making them myself to no avail. I am very frustrated and would rather just buy them. This has been holding me up from completing this model for quite sometime. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hi Kevin, I bought a set of 65 Corvair wheel covers as well as a 1970 deluxe Plymouth wheel covers. I am very pleased with both of these items. This is why I wanted to contact you. Did you ever cast 1959 Plymouth wheel covers? I need them for another project. I thought you might be able to help me. Thanks, John

  8. How about the rear tail light/ trim area to complete the conversion? I'd take that too. John
  9. Does anyone make a powerglide transmission as well as a GM 3 speed transmission?
  10. Not to picky, but the engine block on these cars as all 2.2 and 2.5s is black with an aluminum head. The timing belt cover is black plastic as well. Just an fyi
  11. I tried the web address but it wouldn't go through. What is his phone number? Thanks, John
  12. How did you make the fender skirts start to finish including thickness of styrene as well as lip on bottom of skirt. Thanks
  13. Just found similar question a couple threads down. Thanks, John
  14. I have copied a script from the rear of a model car in tin foil. How do I copy the script to put in a different location on the model? Thanks, John
  15. How do I contact Norm at R&M to buy his items? Thanks, John
  16. Is it just the body, or are other parts included? I am interested. Thanks, John
  17. What is going on with this? Is this going to be produced? John
  18. Hi guys, I know Pegasus makes 13 inch white wall tires but I'm not sure witch ones will suit me. I am looking for a narrow white wall for a project with factory stock 13 inch wheels. Thanks, John
  19. Randy where did you pick up the chrome pen? Thanks, John
  20. I saw them on E-bay not to long ago. I waited and would like to find them again. Who makes them?
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