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  1. everything you did is exceptional!! its just perfect i would love to have a 1:1 just like it.great job on the hinges and all of the other modifications. i love it. B)
  2. they are all great and it is all about having fun doing them. i guess you can guess which one i like best.
  3. i see you really like these trucks and the work you put into them really shows that.another great job.
  4. i love what you did with this truck. the color is perfect it actually looks 1:1. i have some 18th scale trucks i have been trying to get to but at my age time is running out so i better get to it. lol
  5. very cool looking. super job.
  6. thanks Frank. the scale is 1/24 i have the building completed and i am just doing some touch ups.i will post more when that is done.
  7. this is so darned cool. i realy like the huge tire sign. i guess you could use any large scale tire to do that.very nice.
  8. like everyone else i will be watching the progress of this great build. and by you being an actual carpenter has got to be a huge plus. its like an actual race car driver building a race car.
  9. hope your not getting tired of Sanford and son.still not done but this is what i have to date. its just a facade with one side wall.i still have to ad a roof and some other missing things. hope some like it.
  10. great work on all of them a man after my own heart. i to have been doing some 1/18 scale junkers and barn finds so this intrigues me. thanks for showing and please show more.
  11. what a great build Richard. i can appreciate all of the time and work that went into this project. everything is spot on.i wish we could get the kids today more interested in things like this.we have to keep the hobby alive. JUST GREAT.
  12. great pictures here. if you would like to get in touch with Michael Paul Smith HIS EMAIL IS michael@visitelginpark.com
  13. there is a 1:1 of these not far from me. i want to do one for my junkyard if i ever get the cash to spend.times are so tight around here i"m starting to choke and to make matters worse the town i live in put in sewer lines a couple of years ago and that cost me $325.00 quarterly . some of that used to be my allowance for the hobby.
  14. great job Rich. i would reply to more of your posts but everytime i do you stick your tongue out at me.
  15. here is the truck where i am using a paper picture as a backround. i am in the process of doing a facade diorama. i have removed the green toilet and added an antique rocker a bundle of newspapers and i made a rusty old bed spring. i also removed the v8 emblem on the front. i made license plates with the correct numbers for it i still have to put the front one on the truck. i will post more when the dio is done.
  16. i think thats called a frontal pat down.lol
  17. i would have brang it back in the monin.
  18. you can try this guy website has not been updated in awhile http://vsrnonline.com/gregsdecalgraphics/index.htm
  19. here are a couple of pictures of the project as it is now. i am not yet done with it i still have to add a few things like the license plates and some touching up.i had ordered a set of decals for it but they are a little small for this scale so i just made my own lettering. also i have to do a diorama backround for it. this is just a peek.
  20. Lee for a temporary hold on the model you can use goop clear plumbing cement. just clamp or hold it in place a couple of minutes and you can continue on. you can just peel it off if you need to and start over with no mess at all. i actually use this on all of my models for both temporary and permanent holds. you can get it at home depot or Lowes for about $4.00 tube. blue tube usually in the paint dept. goop also makes clear craft glue which is the same thing just costs more.lol this stuff works on metal or plastic with the same results. this might not be for everyone but it works for me.
  21. great job join the club of jujker nuts.lol
  22. i have seen real cars parked like that where i live.lol when i go to shows i have to move a lot of models so i bought some clear stackable containers from wallmart and made dividers for the models you can fit a bunch in those and stack'em up i usually put the hardtops on the bottom and the convertibles on top using a piece thin soft foam to separate the top cars from the bottom. i get between 16 and 18 in each container,
  23. very nice. i like it a lot great job.
  24. great old school build. love the subtle white flames on silver.
  25. i had a distressed f.m. 1950 GMC pick up truck in maroon and a gearbox 1/24 1953 ford tow truck. so i just started taking them apart and made one truck out of them. i repainted the GMC red it took some cutting to do this but now it is a 1950 GMC tow truck. i wanted a daily work truck. i thought it would look mean with a flat black bumper and grill i was able to remove the painted on door logo and put it on the GMC i made a box to put in a tool box a battery and cables and a shovel aged it to look well used added an old flathead engine on the boom put some accessory items in the body put in a 396 motor from the d.m. 69 nova for some power from the outside you would never guess whats under the hood.
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