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  1. I wonder how this would go on the back of anR Series Mack? Ben
  2. Wow! That mesh Looks ace! I’ve just started mine. Ben
  3. Looks ace! I’m going for Tamiya brilliant orange and black for mine. Ben
  4. I like the look of your carbon fibre using the stocking technique. I look forward to seeing more. Ben
  5. I start uni in March. I want to get this sorted before then. I will endeavour to update my progress every week. Ben
  6. Hi fellas, here’s my start. A Mack R685ST. I plan to build her fairly box stock. I will use the “grass burner” exhaust. I will also sort the seem at the back of the cab and improve the mirror mounts. Cheers. Ben
  7. Very nice! Wouldn’t mind one. Ben
  8. I’ve got 2 on order. I’m looking forward to building this more than anything else. I wonder what Tamiya will do next? Ben
  9. I sold my Alaskan hauler and bought the Auslowe version as it has optional headlights and better chequer plate. i wouldn’t be surprised if Round2 do release the Alaskan Hauler though. Ben
  10. I’m just speculating here (a boy can dream), but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the 4070B return as it would be a cheap tooling to do considering how much is shared with the 4070A. Ben
  11. The “new” big rig is the International CO4070. It’s been completely retooled from 3D scanning as the original tool is Definitely gone. The best way to guarantee that we will get more new big rigs is to vote with our wallets. I’m sure this will sell very well. Ben
  12. I had a slack year modelling last year. I didn’t complete my BRBO project and I hope to get that done too. I only completed 1 kit (Tamiya GR Supra 1/24). Maybe I go for a box stock Mack R series? Ben
  13. Far out. I picked it! ? unbelievable. Tim keeping that secret for nearly 2 years! What a legend! Ben
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