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  1. Let’s compare current kits with current kits. Tamiya is just a superior product. Subject matter is pretty good too. I love Revell’s new subject matter, but the execution is no where near Tamiya unfortunately. Ben
  2. Yeah mate. Our humidity is still around 50%, but I can paint now. 🙃
  3. I’m using the Tamiya TS100 to replicate the Matt metallic grey colour they come in. Ben
  4. That looks ace! I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. Ben
  5. My current car project. Getting there slowly. Colour is Tamiya TS100.
  6. I’m actually really pleased with the Tamiya kits lately, subject matter and execution. I’m currently building the Toyota GR Supra and it’s fantastic. My next build will be a mustang gt4. I’m mainly a truck modeller, But these Tamiya kits are just fantastic. Ben
  7. Nothing to update this month. I’m unable to get moulding gear for parts I’m copying. Ben
  8. The shipping costs have definitely gone up. I’ve been selling things recently and sometimes the postage is more than the item. Ben
  9. I’m just glad we’ve got talented people out there producing interesting trucks for us. Especially if they’re Older Mack trucks. Ben
  10. Auslowe did a conversion for the B series, and Aussie Resin Models did one for the cabover. Ben
  11. I’m very pleased with this! I’ve got the R800. Will look at getting one of these. Ben
  12. Hi Tim. Are the 1/32 trucks (Mack SuperLiner, Ford LTL9000) AMT or ERTL? The boxes I have have AMT and ertl or matchbox on them. The Kenworth W900 was the last one rereleased and that’s a long time ago now. Hopefully we see them again. Ben
  13. The fact remains truck modellers are a minority. It will most likely be limited run reissues as it has been for quite a while now. Moebius released a few new items, and I am looking forward to the flatbed trailer later in the year. I doubt we will see many new tools in the future, especially from AMT. Even italeri hasn’t released something new in 2020 for truck modellers. It’s all reissues. Hopefully we see something new and popular such as a kenworth, Peterbilt or Mack from a major manufacturer. Ben
  14. That’s good for the people who missed out on the reissue over 15 years ago. I really would like to see their 1/32 range make a comeback. Also something completely new would be ace. This is great news. Ben
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