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  1. I’m loving the reissues however, we really do need some brand new big rig kits. There is some great subject matter and Moebius with their Lonestar issue around a decade ago was a great start. I really thought Round2/AMT or Revell would’ve done a current American big rig by now seeing how well the reissues are doing. My plan for my mixer is to use an Alaskan hauler hood and change the wheels. Ben
  2. I’m currently building one of these too! Very nice. Ben
  3. Those prices are ridiculous. C’mon AMT Round 2, bring something new and original out. Ben
  4. I replace the wheels and tyres with Auslowe 1/32 wheels. I’m also looking at aoshima wheels. Ben
  5. I’m flogging a dead horse, but I would rather see the 1/32 Mack SuperLiner and Ford LTL 9000 reissued. Great box art though. So much has to be done to make the italeri superliner accurate. Ben
  6. Looks pretty good to me. Those wheels are even pretty nice with the right wash. Ben
  7. They (Meng) did say they were listening to feedback. They did get hammered on that previously. Ben
  8. That’d be nice, however plenty of aftermarket options out there. Being a Mack man, I hope they reissue the DM800 Rex mixer. I’d also like to see the 1/32 SuperLiner. Ben
  9. Not sure when it will be available, but it will be soon. I was pleasantly surprised and I’m getting one myself. I like it so much I’m selling my original kit. Ben
  10. Note the improved separate handles and latches and improved chequer plate on the mud guards. Cost will be $78 Australian
  11. Hi fellas. Auslowe is releasing something I’m sure a lot of people on here will love. An Alaskan Hauler conversion in 1/25. cheers Ben
  12. That’s ok. People lose interest all the time. You were doing awesome work on yours. My project that you inspired is in its box. I will get back to it after University studies are over. I’ve got a few projects on the go. I’ve started to go for simply Modifying snap fit 1/32 trucks and some box stock Tamiya 1/24 sports cars. Ben
  13. I’m curious to see how the tail lights get done by you and others. It’s really the only part of the kit they could’ve improved apart from having a full detailed engine bay. Ben
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