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  1. The i30N would be ace. Here’s hoping! Ben
  2. I don’t want to sound a negative Nancy, but wouldn’t the Kia Stinger be more marketable? Australia even had them as highway patrol cars. Ben
  3. First update. Got rid of the Reyco suspension mounts and test fitting a Mack camel back suspension. I will be using the Reyco suspension on a Heller Volvo F12, eventually. I may add brake boosters to add realism. Another Auslowe order will have to be done and I will have to scratch build a sunvisor. Ben
  4. I like the plan for this rig. Ben
  5. Hi fellas. My entry. First Australian built Mack SuperLiner. I’m going with 1/32 scale. Ben
  6. Hi fellas. First up on the bench for 2020. The fit is awesome. Looking at painting her ts100 Semigloss Light gunmetal. Ben
  7. Wow! Very nice! Where’d you get the r700? Ben
  8. I’ve got 1/32 Auslowe 6 spoke spiders. It will be good to see a few different scales this build off. Ben
  9. Revell has great subject matter, but these sink holes etc are ridiculous. I’ve put my Revell 1/16 Porsche 356 coupe back in the box for now because of the amount of bodywork it’s required. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Ben
  10. The first V8 SuperLiner in Australia is my entry. 1/32. Ben
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