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  1. I’ve got one on the stash. I look forward to seeing how yours goes. Ben
  2. Looks pretty good! I’ll get at least 1. Ben
  3. Looks like Tamiya is releasing a 1/24 240ZG Street Custom. I half expected the brand new 2022 Z. Cheers Ben
  4. Hi fellas, Looks like Revell is re releasing the 1/32 R Series. Cheers
  5. Good. We need fresh subjects. Ben
  6. Looks ace! Looks like you figured the hood/bonnet out well. Ben
  7. Very nice work! I wish they altered the way they made the fuel tanks and chrome pipe work. Separate fuel tank ends to get rid of the seam would have been good. Apart from that, probably the best model truck kit currently on the market. Ben.
  8. I haven’t got one yet. Definitely want one. Ben
  9. Looking very good!! Ben
  10. Auslowe does an inter cooler conversion in case you change your mind. Love the r series of that era. Ben
  11. Very nice! Maybe needs an inter cooler too. Looking forward to seeing your project progress. Ben
  12. I believe looking at A&Ns other products, you’ll be able to buy all the parts to make a complete truck. You maybe able to cheapen it by using an Italeri kit as a base kit. Ben
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