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  1. Yep. The Mack DM800 mixer has longer chassis rails and a hard bar Mack suspension too. Ben
  2. I hope they find the DM800 mixer! I’d have all the Mack kits then. Ben
  3. If the torsion bar suspension is important, Auslowe has them. looking forward to this Ben
  4. Hi fellas. My recently completed GR Supra. cheers. Ben
  5. No problems mate! Happy to help. Loving this kit and seeing everyone’s build. Ben
  6. Hi Mike. I found an interesting set of photos for the Mustang GT4. https://www.motoring.com.au/gallery-ford-mustang-gt4-119408/ cheers Ben
  7. Very nice. How are you going to do the tail lights? That’s the only issue I can see coming up. I’m loving the kit so far. Ben
  8. Hi Dutzie, awesome work on this project! What paints did you use? Ben
  9. I have been researching the narrow nose version. I’ll need to run a tape over the real thing or have access to a spec sheet with top view perspective.
  10. I’ve thought about moulding it up. I have to figure out how to do it. Knowing my luck, round 2 will release it 😂
  11. Cheers mate. Hopefully I’ll get some moulding and casting done in June/July. Ben
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