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  1. Easily one of Tamiya’s best kits. I’ll have to get another one. Ben
  2. Very nice! Ben
  3. Yeah, I’m happy with Moebius. A few of the car subjects that were popular got made. The one subject I expected, the Porsche 919 didn’t happen but the did the 918 and ford GT LeMans. Ben
  4. So it seems. I’m glad I enjoy cars too. We really need to unite when Revell does another “vote“ for what people want and pick something everyone likes and vote like hell. Ben
  5. I’d just love to see the AMT 1/32 range of trucks rereleased. Look at how well Revell is doing with them. Ben
  6. 100%, the headlights are awesome. I also like the interior. Ben
  7. That’s the best OOB build of a Mack CruiseLiner I’ve seen. I’ve got to find a paint scheme for mine now. Ben
  8. I want to get another one of these. I really don’t know what method is best to do the body work. Will be watching. Ben
  9. Tamiya light gunmetal grey ts 42
  10. Hi fellas. First one completed for the year. I would like to do another one in yellow. Cheers. Ben
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