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  1. Tamiya light gunmetal grey ts 42
  2. Hi fellas. First one completed for the year. I would like to do another one in yellow. Cheers. Ben
  3. I built the Porsche junior on my YouTube Channel. Great little kit. Ben
  4. Revell’s new tractor kit. Got mine coming. https://blog.revell.de/2019/modellbau/deutz-d30-traktor-als-easy-click-bausatz-in-124/ Ben
  5. Very nice! Looks tough as. Ben
  6. Wow! I like the wheel set up, plus looks like the A pillars will be separate. I’m really looking forward to getting one of these kits. Ben
  7. Hi again. Also of note, the RS700L has straight chassis rails and a cool power Mack engine. Auslowe also has the parts to turn the engine in the r series into a cool power. Ben https://www.auslowe.com.au/shop/intercooler-attachment-suit-r-model-engine-cool-power-e15/E15
  8. Hi mate. i reckon the aitm is the go. Contact Dave. He is good to work with. Auslowe do the hood ornament. Ben https://www.auslowe.com.au/shop/rubber-duck-mascot-wm42/WM42 https://aitruckmodels.com/product/mack-r-700l-rubber-duck-kit/
  9. Definitely not surprised by this! Very pleased. Ben
  10. You’re right. Heller also did a rerelease before this current release too. Ben
  11. Hi fellas, The 1/32 Heller Volvo F 12 is out now. Looks like a pretty good kit in 1/32. Hopefully amt will do their range again. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/heller-81704-volvo-f12-20-and-timber-semi-trailer--1165990 Ben
  12. I’ve got to pull out. I’ve done not much, and unfortunately life gets in the way. Ben
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