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  1. Great Pretenders reference Harry!
  2. Thanks for the heads up about dpmcc.com being shut down. Very disappointing! I really enjoyed referencing the site for instructions of kits I intended to purchase or was curious of. Anyone know if this is a permanent condition?
  3. Check out Dr. Crankys utube videos about acrylics. He covers a variety of brands. Very informative.
  4. I'm thinking of getting this kit. Anyone have opinions about it? Thanks!
  5. Take a small sewing needle and cut or grind half the eye end off. You end up with a tiny two pronged fork perfect for holding and applying glue where you need it. You can mount it in the handle of your choice.
  6. Yes, estate sales and local Craig's List! I had a little money stashed in my savings and picked up 320 kits from a guy I found on Craig's for $1,200 kept my favorites and sold half on eBay and made my money back! Trick is not being greedy when listing. Started at $5.00 a piece and let the bidding take care of the rest. My Craig's List buddy turned me on to the estate sales where I've found some cool and rare stuff. Got to get there early and look for estate sales of old car guys! They collect the coolest stuff, God rest their souls!
  7. The best advice I got about marriage was that all females are crazy. You just have to figure out which one has the least amount of crazy you can live with the rest of your life!
  8. The best advice I got was that all females are crazy. You just have to figure out which one has the least amount
  9. X4. After reading the articles last statment as being art, well...it takes brains to have the imagination to create art and with these guys claiming it takes balls to do this.... I guess no brains need to be replaced with something! Along with too much money and spare time as well!
  10. Floating diamonds??? Take the ring to a competent jeweler and have the setting fixed so the diamonds can't "float".
  11. Love the unique styling of these cars and your build looks great! Wish there was a 1:25 or 1:24 plastic kit available.
  12. This sounds like a clever idea. How about a tutorial?
  13. Thanks for the clarification. This is the first forum I felt comfortable enough to engage in a dialogue. After reading thoroughly, I guess I can see what you mean in some of the topics. It can get a little rough for no good reason other that to just be mean! The anonymity of the internet can bring out the worst of the best of us and I’m glad to know that this is a safe place to learn and exchange ideas! I’ve built models as a kid and at 53 have recently got back into the hobby again. I can’t believe the talent and ideas that are out there today! Now, for me, this magazine and its forum is my go to source to rebuild my skills!
  14. As a rare contributor to the forum and truly unfamiliar with the game, why are some topics locked? And who locks them? I can understand the informational topics that are pinned and locked at the beginning of the “General” section, but some seem arbitrarily locked. If it’s because the discussions go off topic, I’ve seen some topics do all kinds of loop-dee-loops and not get touched! I know I must be missing something this is why I ask. Example: General–Mixed Messages.
  15. Check here http://www.thepartsbox.com/ They have a complete spray set complete with compressor!
  16. Try Scale Equipment. http://www.seltd.net/ I haven't searched their whole site, but I would expect that if you contacted them, they may be able to help you. Just from the little I've explored of their web site, they have some amazing stuff!
  17. If you all are offended by this, then check out Bozosoku car! They should get your panties in a real twist!
  18. WOW!...I usually don’t comment on these forums much, just like to lurk for tips, ideas and such…. but I just had to chime in here. Have any of you “critics” seen some of the model kit bashing and scratch building that goes on in this hobby? Some really wacky and wild creations from some twisted imaginations here I must say! With that said it’s all about creativity and having fun! Not my taste, but if a guy has the room and can afford to play with real steel that can actually be driven, more power to him! Is anyone familiar with Steampunk or Rat Rods? Some pretty crazy **** there too! Give em a break!
  19. According to the Testors web site the Model Masters Clear top coat for enamel has an amber color to it and is not recomended for white or light colors or over metalics for that mater. http://www.testors.com/product/136585/2736/_/Clear_Top_Coat_MM_-_12_oz._Bottle Just my .02¢ John
  20. You could try highlighting the panel lines with a fine tipped marker or pigment liner!
  21. The freezing method explains why my old builds from 30 some years ago stored in my parents attic just fell apart when I went to retrieve them recently!
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