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  1. Hi at last I'd finished mine but forgot to put it on this thread.............


    With bomber seats and foam seat pads. Turbo motor partly scratchbuilt, metalflake paint, big and little wheels and tyres, and I moved the headlights to the top of the wings. Oh and the wooden slats in the rear passenger/load area.

  2. Thanks guys. Yes the decals are time consuming, my wife tells me I have no patience but these certainly slow me down.

    If your building either this or the MINI WRC just before you put the cage in just shave a millimetre or two off of the bottom. I noticed especially with this one the body doesn't sit on the chassis as the cage is to high! This was evident when I tried to fit my body but I had already fitted seats, cage and belts when I found this out

    Also watch out for the small bits, aerials, wipers seat belts etc as there is little or no leeway when cutting them from the sprue, with spue cutters of even a sharp craft blade. Most of mine broke then I had to stick them back together or use other thin stock to remake things.

  3. To go with my previous thread showing the Airfix Mini WRC here we have the finished Fiesta..............


    The thin white line decals are a smidge difficult to run around the rear panels!


    The side view.............


    And the front..................


    You tell by the low front that this is a tarmac version. The gravel version would ride a lot higher.

  4. Well done Jim. Nice colour, finish and engine and rims. I can see what you were trying on the sides. I tried thin plasticard to try and make the side pods. That didn't work either.

    These are the side pods I was trying to copy.........


    And I'm still trying!

  5. Well thank you Rob. I must go to the top of the class and in 60 years thats the first time! Basically I took my lead from TJ's car. The paint is dark green matt from a Humbrol spray can.

    The problem was that I tried custom colours and a chrome spray from Plasti-Kote that I've used a hundred times before. I couldn't keep the dust away and lost my rag (temper) and brushed it with brush cleaner which burnt the plastic! So seeing TJ's car gave me a way out of a perfect custom/chrome/metalflake paint job which I messed up in the first place!

    So the paint went on super well over a scorched plastic shell.

    I shall make my own chassis next time so that I can get it on the ground!

  6. Yes model-collector, the bodies do have a textured finish, which is difficult to get rid of without taking away the detail. I've painted my fiesta and will continue it's build once I've finished a chopped '49 Mercury in the same vein as TJ Lavin's Ford last year (Camo green with USAF markings!)

    If you polish after clear isn't there a fear that you could go through the clear and ruin the decals?

  7. Thanks guys, yes I didn't know whether to buy them until I read a build up of the Fiesta WRC in Airfix magazine. I was surprised to see the level of detail in a 1/32 scale kit, as I have been buying Airfix plane kits since the mid 1950's when I was eight years old. All they need to add to these kits are interior decals. That would be for the dashboard, the seat belts were good but no decals which is disappointing. Well as you can see from above I've already srayed the Fiesta shell so I need to get on with that one. I've a '49 Chopped Mercury to finish, my take on TJ Lavins Army/AirForce Ford!

  8. The Mini is done..............................




    How this then guys! Now I'm onto the Fiesta WRC.

    Of course if anyone watches the X Games Rallycross you will have seen these cars in a slightly different guise with 600 bhp engines instead of WRC 300 bhp motors!

  9. Over the years we've had kit car companies in the UK, make various fibreglass shells copied from sportscars and mounted on Beetle chassis. This was easy as the aircooled engine needed little ventilation for it to run efficiently and subsequently no radiators and all the piping. We had open jeep, ferrari, gull wing sports, and even a scaled down mercedes 1930's replica.

    Keep up the good work, I shall keep an eye on your progress and the finished article!

  10. Yes Dale and Tony I'd seen these for a while and thought I'd take the plunge and try something smaller. Yes that's Humbrol paint, it's made here by Airfix so it's plentiful (But only for small things), especially as they now have a range of spray colours.

    Well I started the decals today. The first problem was the small thin one over the door that split in two whilst still on the paper as it soaked in the warm water, so I laid that in two pieces. Although the big chequered one went on a treat!


    The roof decals also went on well, The large ones that is...................


    I should finish these tomorrow and then let them dry over the weekend. On Monday if all dry I shall give the decaled area two coats of clear.

  11. SAM_3706_zpsfb6d8d8a.jpg



    The comment on the above post is that the instruction no. 9 should have the steering wheel brace added to the drivers side of the cage on its fixing points before building the cage and putting it in afterwards as in instruction 12 as there is no space to get inside the cage to do it. I have experience of building rollcages down as small as 1/43 in photoEtch and white metal.

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