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  1. Is new MPC Ramcharger funny car the same kit as 2015_2016 Soapy Sales funny car?
  2. Thanks everyone,I have found what I needed. Really appreciate your help.
  3. Thanks guys for all your input....I am aware of Revell Willys kits having transmission I just did not want to rob one if someone out there made a copy or 3-d print. Thanks again...Larry
  4. Doe anyone have a Pisano/Matsubara vega funny car decal that has the Bones/Durbach/Pisano 33 willys gasser decal? I need one to complete my recent project. Thanks.....Larry
  5. Thanks everyone for your imput. You guys have been very helpful.
  6. What to use for candy apple red? Not a airbrush user. Use tamiya sprays was told clear red over gold or red base would make candy apple red any sugestions?
  7. What base color did you use with the Tamiya TS-58 paint? Great looking build
  8. I tried what you said but when the fb page comes up there is not a media or picture listed-have tried many times but cannot find right combination...thank you for the info,maybe will be able to figure it out....Larry
  9. How do I contact LPH 1320 model parts for injector? { can not locate LPH anywhere...thank you,Larry
  10. Happy "Naming Day" to another kid born in the '40's.

  11. Hey Larry.  Happy birthday. Best wishes to you on your special day.    Stay safe.   Sincerely.  hack-n-whack (AKA Tom Buda).  I haven't built Speed City's 1967 awb Camaro, but I'd guess a Revell Camaro would work. Contact Scott to see what kit he recommends. He actually builds what he sells.                                                    

  12. Has anyone built this resin model? I need information on rear suspension and other issues. If anyone can help please contact me. Thank you, Larry
  13. Great looking build....who's interior tin did you use or is it modified by you?
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