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  1. Back in the mid eighties I started to heavily build and collect model cars and it coincided with getting my drivers license and greater interest in all things automotive. I also started to read very carefully all of the model car mags I could get my hands on. I received my first Dremel tool for Xmas of '88 and I just finished my first semester in design school at college. I was itching to use my new Dremel tool on a more difficult build. build a more advanced model beyond some simple wheel swaps. I remembered seeing in my collection of model car mags a build up of a Phantom 40 Ford Roadster Pickup with a removable hardtop roof. So with my Xmas money on December 26th my Dad and I drove out to our favorite Hobby shop with money burning in my pocket and I purchased a Monogram 40 Ford Pickup and a Monogram Chevy Camaro 3 in 1 kit for the engine and other parts. I wanted the Chevelle for the Rat motor as used in the article but the shop was out of stock and went for the SBC with a blower. I also remember getting the Firebird as well because it had some of the other engine hop up parts I wanted as well.

    I also wanted to try out the Dremel and I used it to grind out the floor boards and other molded in "stuff" on the chassis that I did not need. It was an aurdous task for me then to clean up the chassis, grind off the texture on the inside of the roof and remove all of the louvers from the hood and tailgate. This was the era of ultra smooth cars with little chrome and all billet.. I started using Squadron Green stuff and moved to an automotive spot putty at this time for filling. Also I made some more work for me using the Dremel. I didn't have a foot control to slow it down nor a flex shaft to have better hand control. I made a lot of divots in the roof and chassis.

    I also went a few steps further and I made the doors stay working and scracth built the door panels and added and extended the trim around the cabin. I also used Detail Master photo etched speakers.

    I used mostly Testors paints, Model Master Engine red over a Silver rattle can base. I also used for the first time Testors Metalizer paints and fell in love with the look. I do have a roof but that took some serious damage and I need to restore that part. Otherwise I only needed to fix a few parts that feel off over the past 25 years. My main problem was that I was not able to get as glossy of a finish with the airbrushed red paint. I was running it too dry and I did not gloss coat the paint. I was running out of time and finished it the night before I entered it into a model contest. I got a second place with it if memory serves me correct. So now I say it is Suede, lol

    Here is the list of parts I stole from different kits

    Monogram 40 Ford Pickup
    Front Suspension
    Floorboard & seat riser

    Monogram Camaro and Firebird
    Engine and rear suspension
    Arm rests

    Monogram 37 Ford Sedan
    Rims and Tires
    Dash Insert - Foil Cast copy

    AMT 39 Ford Sedan
    Head Lights and Bezels

    I did not get to work on the model much during college, but I did work on it heavily during my summer break and finished it before I went back in the fall. So sometime I think in late July or early August I completed the model.

    I learned a lot from reading Tim Boyds articles and I stuck through it and got it done. As I like to call it I "T Boyded" the suspension to get the right ride height and ground away until it was just right. Tim always was able to do that and the viewer would never be able to see and of the trimming away he did to get things to fit.

    Thanks Tim for all of your articles and inspiration over the years!

  2. Moebius Satellite kitbashed into a 2 door. Using a Lindberg 64 Dodge. . . Couldn't wait for Moebius!!!!!!

  3. Having recently moved back to Colorado, and finally having my workshop up and running, I came across this project I started fifteen years, ago--or so. It's AMT's '70 Malibu, to be built to comply with the NHRA's 1975 rules for Modified Production. I began by replacing the Chevelle's front inner fenderwells and front clip with those from AMT's '70 Monte Carlo, along with the Monte's front suspension including its steering box. I replaced the single-piece cast timing cover/water pump/harmonic balancer assembly with a timing cover from the parts box, a water pump from a Revell Camaro and a harmonic balancer turned from aluminum. The manifold is scratchbuilt from 23 pieces of styrene. I also deepened the sump on the oil pan. 
    The lower control arms have been boxed, and a few minor details thrown at them. Changes to the front suspension revolve mostly around the removal of the swaybar/tierod assembly. The steering will be built to be posable. The brass pins you see will mount the steering arm and the stabilizer arm, on the opposite side. I have already built a new sway bar, but, a friend of mine questioned its necessity on a drag car, so I removed it, just in time for another friend to tell me he'd removed  the one from his racer, and after one pass, decided that he wanted it back on the car! So, I am yet undecided, as to which way I'll go, in that regard. This is a mixture of photos from back when I began work on it (had a crappy camera!), and from the past few days, when I've done most of the chassis "details",  and all of the engine work. Comments, compliments and poo-flinging are welcome!