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  1. So the second holiday project has hit the bench: Tamiya's 'Toms' Supra GT, definitely not going to be finished in the kit-supplied Castrol colours: Tamiya's TS-8 'Italian Red' with AK Xtreme Metals' Polished Aluminium' and some hand painted matt black (first coat only in these photos). The insides are all AK Xtreme Metals' 'Dark Aluminium' but obviously only just started, the cage is glued together but not to the chassis in these pics. Bodyshell is TS-94 'Metallic Grey'. Two light coats and nowhere near shiny enough, so I'll brush on a coat of Klear/Future before decalling, then another afterward. Going to keep the final 'look' a surprise as long as I can, but hopefully y'all will get a kick from it. Not too many 'What If' cars around so nice to do something that little bit outta 'left field', eh ? More soon. Ian.
  2. Just finished the Ferrari LaFerrari model kit made by Tamiya. I have pictures of the engine and assembly in the On The Workbench section at the link below.
  3. So i got this one in the mail today, and started immediately with it as it needs to be finished this Xmas to be a gift for my mother. Sprues: test fit the hood on it immediately, getting it ready to be painted. I'm thinking of getting it painted bordeaux red, as its an original color for this car, and mom love's red cars as im out of the country to get another car next week, nice period of time to let the body dry and get hard I'll keep this updated along the way with plenty (probably alot knowing me) of pictures for you all to see (and judge )
  4. IJ001

    GT-R Z-Tune

    All done: Couple of photos of the completed chassis before I popped the wheels on - first time using a model-specific 'detail-up' set and it makes a H*LL of a difference. Very, very impressed. * * * Completed build as it was about an hour ago but forgot to touch-up the black trim around the windows before I got the camera out !! - all done now Already started the next build, you can find it in the WiP section a little later this evening, my time. AFN Ian.
  5. So i just finished this model earlier this week: WIP can be seen here:
  6. My intention is not to spam all you guys with tons and tons of builds, its just i got alot of time at the moment, and therefore spend alot of time building (beats sitting behind the TV or anything like that in my opinion, and its more productive too ). However i do like to document my builds, for myself, but also for other people to enjoy and pickup some idea's for their own builds (hopefully). This Porsche GT3 im building for my dad as a Xmas gift, my mom is getting the Jag MK2, and my dad a Porsche as hes a Porsche guy . Like the title says its a 996 generation of the 911, this was the very first 911 series they build with a watercooled engine, and is still considered as the "purest" GT3 that porsche has build to date without any electronic "angels" as i call them. Making it a real "man's car". The car is curbside kit, which is a shame for a Tamiya kit, all other ones i have so far were with a full detail (the SARD Supra being an exception to this but had a cool interior to do). So no engine to build for this except what you can see from under the car just like in real life. Here goes: For the real GT3's the whole undercarriage is painted in the body color says the instructions, i thought this aswell, but luckily an old class mate of mine actually has one of these (and every other gen of GT3 (rs)'s the lucky sod!) and asked him to take some pic's of the undercarriage to see if this is correct (it is) and some other details for my build. Engine area done: Front drivetrain in, made a little mistake with putting it in, as i glued the topmounts into the chassis, thus preventing the wheels to turn in either direction (still need to fix that): Protective guards on: side view of the undercarriage with the brakes in (yes the callipers seem different colors, only difference is on the back (right in the pic) its done straight onto the black plastic, on the front (left in pic) ive layed down a white layer first: 1st wetcoat on (pic taken directly after the coat went on): 2nd (and final) wetcoat on (pic taken after 30 min of dry time approx.) Velvet carpet laid down in the back (need to make the "center" piece fit a little better, any idea's?) , with the metal GT3 badge, sadly not really able to see it on there but ow well: Gave the seats some color, as i hate full black interiors, sadly due to the 1st layer being yellow, and the tape being yellow, i missed a small part on both seats: Made some "custom" carpets for the front from the velvet sheet leftovers, turned out pretty good if you ask me: Thats it for now, more to follow soon!
  7. Hello friends I set out to show you one of the most beautiful motorcycles in history. Logically it had to be Italian, it's the Ducati 916. Its aesthetics marked with a multi-tubular chassis, a mono arm swingarm and double exhaust outlet under the tail was a novelty in its release to the market. The model is Tamiya brand 1/12 scale, is detailed inside because its fairing is removable. https://youtu.be/2HoNIGQRWxM Greetings and I hope you like it
  8. IJ001

    911 GT1

    Saw this on eBay a couple of weeks ago. A business seller back in the UK who I know personally was offering it at a ridiculously cheap price because the box was worn. Even with the postage out here to Middle Earth it was a steal, so after decision making process that could be measured in nano-seconds, I snapped his hand off. It arrived on Tuesday and I started it on Wednesday afternoon. Two sessions in and I'm well into the engine, transmission and mounting sub-assembly. Lots of pre-painting with AK 'Xtreme Metals' (outstanding enamel lacquers, highly recommended) - absolutely loving this already, incredible engineering by Tamiya. Stay tuned folks this is simply flying together at the moment. Ian
  9. I'm starting to use mixes of Tamiya acrylic paint for airbrushing. What went wrong here? The surface: styrene spoon wetsanded with 400 then sprayed with white Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (L). The mix: Tamiya water clean-up acrylic in bottles 1 part X-13 (medium-dark metallic blue) 3 parts X-11 (chrome silver) 1 part X-22 (clear gloss) X-20A thinner (eyeball ratio to dilute for airbrushing) The spray: Iwata Eclipse at 20 psi For comparison, there is a spoon test of gloss black at the left of the photo shot under the same conditions. It's Model Master 1747 diluted with Testors Airbrush Thinner. The Tamiya makes a nice satin finish but I want it to be 1961-era glossy on an engine and frame. I could clear coat it but I'd rather figure out how to make the mix glossy.
  10. Hi all, just made a start on painting some parts tonight - this is my first attempt at properly painting a model and actually taking some care over the end result, unlike my former self Nothing too exciting yet, but hoping to make some more significant progress soon...
  11. Hi all! I would like to show you my second build - Morris cooper mini Mk.1 Tamiya. Model was finished 8 months ago. The body is painted with green acrylic Mr.Hobby, top is covered with 2k varnish. The rest of the details were painted using the paints Tamiya, Testors, Mr.Color, AlcadII. I decided to maximize the detail of the engine compartment under the hood and the brake lines under the bottom, using a wire of different color and thickness. Also, many scratchbuild parts were added under the hood such as the radiator cover with the brackets, the oil dipstick with the engine tide, the clutch cylinder, the generator relay, the heater crane, the engine support, the speedometer niche and the salon air intake. As a whole there was still a lot of work to be done, but I can not enumerate everything. Only one significant mistake i made - logos on back door. I decided to paint it after varnishing, but I get thick coat of lacquer in this place and left unpainted as is Enjoy....
  12. My most recent build completed, the 'funny front end' Bimota Tesi 1D with hub centre steering. Tesi Unfaired1 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr tesi4 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr Build blog info and more detailed images here: https://miksmodelkits.wordpress.com/2017/08/24/tamiya-bimota-tesi-1d-906sr-112/ Build video series on my youtube channel here:
  13. Changed this inquiry into a poll . Feel free to add your choice(s) to the list ( example : I'd like to see a 1971 GMC Sprint SP-1 or How about a Toyota Stout ! ) . Have fun !
  14. Well, this one is a real challenge. I am going to super detail it like I have never done before on any other model. I have the Scale Motorsports CF decals, the Top Studio super-kit and the chain kit (yeah, build this chain one link at a time, about $40 too. I bought an already built chain for my mountain bike for $20). I also have the brass fork kit from Tamiya. I had the super-kit for a good few years, in fact I had it for three years before I bought the bike kit. I had bought it for another bike kit not realizing it wasn't the correct kit number to go with it. Then when I decided to finally build it I had to order the chain kit, I had thought it was part of the super-kit which it wasn't. I got it from Japan in 8 days. The fork kit was discontinued, but I found it on Amazon for $15 from some Japanese company that seems to sell just toys. That took almost 2 weeks. I also added Pro Tech braided oil line with hex AN fittings. So here are mostly engine pictures and a some frame shots.Box art" All the stuff going into the kit: Engine shots: The frame:
  15. Hello, here is one of my latest builds.. Its Tamiya`s Mini with brush paintjob and some added details, not much since its allmost out of box model..
  16. I wanted to make another fast build since my last one was a lot of fun and turned out great (Link to its U-G thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/123302-porsche-911-outlaw-8-hour-build/ ). This newest build took three days from start to finish, but the middle day became a resting day with no progress since work was very tough that day. I decided on the Tamiya Starcard Porsche 911 GT2, and at the start I was going to build it with the Starcard livery, but in the end I decided to dust some Tamiya TS19 Metallic Blue over the black plastic which the body is molded in. It turned out great; a very dark color with a lot of blue pearl and sparkles in it. Here's a few photos, enjoy!
  17. Great model this, went together soo well, only has issues with the gloss coat & the flocking. I do have a WIP post as well... Enjoy! Criticisms welcome.
  18. I always wanted an S2000, but it was too impractical, so I ended up with a civic type R instead - which is a car I loved to own, so much so, that I ended up keeping it for 5 years and sold it on at 90k on the clock (miles). Any how, decided to do this build as it's curb side, and should be quick. I haven't actually finished a model in 2 and a half years due to house renovations. This will be a quick build with not too much detail, I want to learn more about clear coating with 2K, and use my first set of PE in earnest. Box art: Using Hobby Design Photoetch: I've cut out the grill to add P/E later: Finished the chassis: (made a hash job of the wash on the sump & transmission) Finished 2 bits of the interior too: and the cabriolet hood:
  19. So, this was sitting for a long time now, very much unfinished, becuase im still working on the rx7, which is still waiting for some sprays and clear coat but i still have high hopes with this!
  20. Started up this build lately, i might get it finished before christmas, i think i must hurry up with it...
  21. Had some fun with this build, it kind of created it self while i did seek ideas what i could use.. Mix of decals i had and so on.. Best part of this hobby, havin fun Cheers...
  22. How about some hippie beetle? Far from Perfect but i was bit in Purple Haze while building it, and i really enjoyed... Peace man...
  23. well, it's been over a year, since I last built a kit. I had to move home and then get one of the rooms fixed up as a hobby room, so it's been a while. anyway, here's the Tamiya Citroën 2CV. Weathering was done using the salt technique and some pastels. suspension was lowered very easily, thanks to the way the kit is engineered. I added wires and gubbins under the hood, a battery clamp and a relay box. I also added valve stems to the wheels, but you can hardly see them! Interior junk was also added, along with some tape repairs to the roof and drivers seat. here are the pics. I hope you like it All comments welcome, thanks for looking
  24. This is the Tamiya 1/24 scale kit of the Nissan R390 GT1 Le Mans car, and the body shell was spray-painted with Tamiya Metallic Blue over a base of Silver Leaf. Paint was polished up with MicroMesh 3200 grit thru 12000 grit, then rubbed up with Meguiar's Scratch-X. Mesh was added for vents and grills, and kit decals were used, as well as a few sponsor decals from Scale Motorsport. A lot of stuff added to the engine bay - thermostats were added to the radiators and exhaust system, hand-made shielded cable, fuel line, transmission fluid box, and tail light wiring from Model Factory Hiro, & spark plug wires from Detail Master. Exhausts were given a bit of Tamiya burnt metal powder pigments for added realism. Driver electronics are fully wired from comm. boxes, to temp gauges, to front lights. Front brake air ducts were scratch-built with parts-box leftovers. The P/E rivets and fast-release hood pins are from Scale Motorsport.
  25. Finished this one last night, my very first Tamiya kit. Very well engineered, the only trouble I had was the metal transfers, the kit is old and they wouldn't stick. I used a little Micro Crystal Clear on the ends to keep them on. Pretty happy with the outcome, not my usual subject. Comments welcome, thanks for looking!
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