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Does anyone make a four door version of the 1969 impala 1/24 or 1/25 scale

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I've never heard of one. You'd have to start with a resin repop of the '69 2-door (I'm assuming somebody makes that) and convert it.

My folks had a '69 4-door Impala, too--white with green vinyl top. If I ever get around to it, I'm just going to paint my original AMT kit that way and call it good.

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I'm fairly new here and don't know all of the different aftermarket manufacturers. I'd love to build a replica of my dads car, but it doesn't seem like anyone makes four door model cars.

There are very few 4-doors in kit form, so you'll have to look to the aftermarket, and specifically resin casters, for 4-doors kits/conversions. http://resinrealm.net/ is a good place to start looking, as well as www.modelhaus.com Modelhaus makes a '67 Impala wagon, so that may end up being the closest starting point.

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No one makes a 4 door '69 Chevy. However, MCW Resins makes a '69 Biscayne 2 door post sedan, which can be used as a basis for the 4 door sedan. It will take a little work, but it can be done. Here is my model from the resin kit.




A 4-Door woild be very interesting. If it were me, I would use this kit as the base, along with the currently available AMT '70 Impala, which is the kit that should be used to do this. MCW also does the '69 Impala SS, so he could supply the three lamp rear bumper used on the Impala also. In doing my model, I did not care for the way that the roof line was done, so I slanted the rear window forward, and re-did the side window profile, adding new drip rails in the process.


To do the 4-door, I would completely remove the center pillar, and shorten the sail panels, along with the other modifications I performed on the sedan. I would use the the '70 Impala interior, even though the upholstery pattern is different, it is the closest thing available in scale, and it has a front bench seat.

On the one to one, the roof panel is the same between the two and four door sedans. Add some body side mouldings made out of plastic rod, some photoetch Impala scripts, and there you go.


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Hey guys

I just want to thank each of you for your help.

Richard and Mark, I'm glad im not the only one who has fond memories of that car. I would think that not everyone could have a muscle car in their garage growing up, and would hope kit makers would make some four door kits, but I guess the economics aren't there.

Casey thank you for pointing me to resin realm and modelhause. I'll contact them to see what they offer.

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Thanks Bob, your right. I do have pieces of an old amt 1969 impala kit that I got off eBay years ago, but the roof and back window look off from the four door version my dad had years ago

Al...your parts to one probably has the rear window like my dads old 2 door HT did....looks like the one on the 70 Impala HT kit. My dads old 69 Impala HT was a Super Sport...some parts from the 70 kit will work for a 69 but not much...I need to find stuff for a 69 someday to build like his was....then if lucky enough try to make the wagon my mom owned?

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