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Collecting Engines, Just Engines and more Engines.


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For some reason I like to collect engines.  There have been many engines made as stand alone display pieces, so I'm sure I'm not alone.  if you want to see more photos of these engines, just click on the photo. 

1/12 & 1/10 scale Engines

1/12 Diecast 426 Hemi


1/10 plastic kit Hemi Engine



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More Engines 1/18 scale

1/18 scale Resin Ford 427 by Liberty


1/18 scale Resin Ford 427 by Liberty as an ornament.


1/18 scale Resin Chevy 427 by Liberty as an ornament. I also have this one on a stand like the first Ford.


1/18 scale resin small block Chevy engine. This is the ornament version. 

1/18 scale resin 426 Hemi by Liberty.   I also have this one as an ornament.



1/18 scale 426 Hemi by Acme



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1/6 scale engines.

327 Corvette  kit by Revell


Factory assembled 327 Corvette by Liberty


283 Corvette plastic kit by AMT Ertl



427 Ford


Here we have two Ford Flatheads by GMP. These are 1/6 scale made of diecast and very detailed. 




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That's a good one Danno.  I'm just getting started, can't find all of my photos.  I hope I didn't lose them in my computer crash:blink:

1/4 & 1/2 Scale Engines

Here are a few more that need built. 

HD 1/2 scale 


HD 1/4 scale diecast and plastic


1/4 Scale Hemi engines in diecast by Hawk. 


This one is a 1/4 scale plastic visible engine by Testors.


Here is my Renwall 1/4 scale engine.  

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What scale are they? 

If you are asking about the one in the Falcon, it is 1/18, like the third photo from the top. The photo above that one is the same engine on a stand. 

Thanks for sharing the link and the Model A engine. I had not seen that version before and having had a few 1:1 A's & T's I would sure like to find one.


Thanks Mike, Looking at that again makes me want to dig my stash out and get started.

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Thanks guys.  Greg you have me on the hunt for one of those Ford 4 bangers. :P 

Scott, I also have been fascinated by the early plane engines. I have a small kit of one here some place.

I added 2 flathead 1/6 engines and 3 1/4 Hemi engines.

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Thanks. glad you like the engines.

Lance, the 1/18 engines do not have fan belts. I wrapped a thick black thread around them with dab of superglue on the bottom pulley to hold it.   Space is an issue for me until  I get my man cave set up. I plan on getting all the engines in one display. 

This weekend I'll do a photo shoot of some more engines. 

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