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Funny Car Summer 'Cuda

AZ Boy

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This is on my "To Do" list for certain. What a beautiful job you did. Absolutely stunning and I hope i can do it justice when my time to build it arrives.


I have the movie in my stash for reference and i think I have to get a body pretty soon or they will be all gone. I too was thinking Pirhana chassis at the beginning  [have one in the stash for this] but scratch is going to play a big part in getting it right.



The duct tape looks great BTW.




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Great build!  I have this movie in DVD, but I also remember seeing it in the theater!  I was fortunate enough to be able to get Big Jim's autograph at the Houston NHRA event a couple of years ago.  I took a book with numerous FC photos and a crew member took me into the trailer where he was inspecting plugs, the autograph even a small oil smudge.  I also got Bob Tasca and Don Schumacher to sign also.




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Great story, LeRoy!  During the recent NHRA event here in Arizona, I talked with Big Jim's driver John Hale.  He introduced me to Jim's granddaughter Johnna.  Unfortunately, the model wasn't done yet, so Johnna gave me her email address so that I could send her pictures of the finished model. She will forward the pics to Big Jim.  I'm waiting to hear back from her.

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Great job on building this model Aaron! Beautiful looking model. I wish you would have contacted me about the Slixx screw up with the pistons words. I would have drawn them for you. Still a winner though!!



You ever thought about doing the decals for this car with the colored side panels on it instead of the all red version .( II think theyre a red and orange and yellow maybe ?

If u do, I'll take a set.

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I always loved this car. There were several rear engine funny cars, but Dunn's was the only one that ever won a national event. Here are a couple of pics fom my files. One with the body off and one with different graphics. Great job on the build !



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I'll post these here in case anyone wants to do the right click save thing .


This car is still extremely high on my want to do list. But the chassis building thing scares me off . Maybe someday






rear engine cuda funnycar.jpg

rear engine cuda funnycar_002.jpg

rear engine cuda funnycar_003.jpg

rear engine cuda funnycar_004.jpg

rear engine cuda funnycar_006.jpg

rear engine cuda funnycar_007.jpg

rear engine cuda funnycar_008.jpg

rear engine cuda funnycar_009.jpg


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