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a VERY large gallery of my models. please see!


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here is a link to the album. click on them to zoom in closer



couple comments before you look:

the older year (and mainly american) cars are the ones i did before all of the exotics/foreigns.i did them when i was younger (26 now. was doing those when i was 16-20. i tossed my first 5-8 cars i did when i first started). the majority of them were revell, so you will see a lot of glue or mis-fitting parts. i chalk it up to being revell, and being newer in the hobby. i am really sorry for all the dust and grime. they get harder and harder to clean as they age. the dust i cant reach just gets compacted into those areas, and yeah. i also have a cat and a golden retriever! also, due to so many cleanings you will see tires that need to be fixed that fell off, windshield wipers lost, or decals kind of unsticking/looking like booboo.

i am hoping you can see the difference in quality from the older revell kits i did compared to the newer tamiya/fujimi/aoshima exotic/foreign cars. of course, youll see mess ups on all of them. but i think i upped my skill atleast a little with the newer ones. by nature of design they are way more complicated to build atleast.

the lexus lfa and bmw m3 dt car are my newest additions i just finished these last few months. the BMW was the biggest pain. some parts didnt fit right, and the decals kicked my ass (accidently ripped them, or directions were unclear of placement). the lambo and benz are not pink. it looks like it in some pictures. the benz is the classic red color you'd see in real life. and the lambo is red with pearl white over top. the pics with the pack of other cars are more true-to-color. GTR uses pearl white as well, couple pics of it in the pack you can see. sprayed bottom trim with gun metal grey.

the white (with black hood) mach mustang, and the yellow mach mustang were my dads. the cream mach mustang is mine (horrible front bumper fit issue as you can see). the cars on the bottom shelf that is ultra dusty except the AUDI and camaro are my dads. the three dark colored classic cars behind the white mach mustang on the shelf are also my dads. i have a box or two full of other models my dad did that i played with as a kid.

anyways, hope you like. tell me your favorite. your least favorite. and what i could due to improve! edit: ah jeez, looking at the pics it highlights the elmers glue or some parts i forgot to clean up when i first finished the models. oh well! they look good in the big circle picture though :D

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