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'34 Ford Altered


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Lindberg '34 Ford with AMT/Ertl 312 y-block.  Test fitting at this point.  Only 7 original kit parts used; the rest is sourced from my parts box, scrounged from my kit stash, aftermarket photoetched or fabricated.  Trying to have it done for the Hope it Don't Snow contest in Spartanburg in January.



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I like the build style. I was going to ask about rear fenders and then I saw you were already working on that. I noticed the bed cover has an interesting molded pattern, was that from a kit or something you created ? The touch of rust on the headers looks great.

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Sorry to take so long to get back, but it is that time of year.  Yeah, it is taking me a while for this one, but I want to get it "right"(at least in my head).  The bed cover and rear fenders have rolled beads that I created with an empty ball point pen cartridge.  The rust was done using inexpensive pastels over Testors Burnt Metal Metalizer.  I use that line often; all of the metallic finishes are Metalizers, either sprayed or brushed on.  Thanks for the compliments.

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