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2016 - A pretty good year ( for me ) in review


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AMT 1965 Grand Prix

AMT Sock It To Me 1962 Corvette for a fun build


AMT 1960 Lincoln convertible - Rebuilt an old original annual



AMT 1959 Edsel convertible annual build.



Finished a started long ago replica of my brothers 1971 Duster - AMT kit


Revell Lincoln Futura



AMT re-issue Fireball 500 Barracuda


Revell Pontiac Club De Mer - Maybe one of these days I'll sit down and make the 3 little stars that go on the sides of the fenders


Lindberg 1964 Dodge Boys dragcar build


Polar Lights Molded in clear red plastic Big John Mazmanian AA/FC Cuda funnycar






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Great stuff, especially the paint. What are the paint details on the Grand Prix and Edsel? I love those colors.

1965 Pontiac is Light Iris metallic , OEM color  for the year and model  , I had it mixed locally. Its a base clear urethane .


1959 Edsel is Tamiya TS41 Coral blue

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Thanks all for the kind words. I really do appreciate it.


Yep. The Edsel is probably one of....if not my all time favorite build i have ever done. At the very least its in my top 5 ever.  I absolutely love the color combination 

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Who makes/made those Dodge Boys decals?  That's one I wouldn't mind adding to my collection if they're still available.

The ones I used  ' I think' I bought off ebay a SEVERAL  years ago. Might have been Fred Cady stuff.....I  Honestly don't remember.

Pretty sure they are still out there. Just watch for cheap copies  Ive been told someone bought and photo copied them and the quality is not good once you have them in your hand . PM me for details if you want more info .

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