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1/8 TDR Nova

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Ken is touching up a couple of things and hopes to ship to me this weekend.

I'm going to start laying out a chassis jig which will hold this in place, I need all the help I can get since I only have two hands.

I have an alum plate and some pressure clamp arms that the jig & fixture world uses on coordinate measuring machines to hold work.

I'm going to put a couple slots horizontal which will hold a small block with a 'v' or a half round in it so it's adjustable, I know hard

to envision, Hope to have something to show in a week is life doesn't get in the way.

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It's a long time since I've been here in Big Boys section so I just went through the whole thread. Really nice work so far! Great job smoothing out the body before painting and the paint job looks good too. Now I need to follow this one...

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Started the design of the chassis. Took a while to get this base designed, researched the SFI spec closely and tracing the inside of the body, wheel base, engine position, etc. i think i have it nailed....if not ..well I’ll fix it somehow  lol lol


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Nothing this week guys. Thanks for all the encouraging comments. The weather is starting to break and I was very busy with family and house things this weekend. My 1:1 64 Malibu build will be coming home from the chassis shop in a month or two so I'm trying to stay on this Nova build in the meantime.

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