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53 Studebaker

David G.

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My next project is yet another attempt to recapture my childhood. I built a 1953 Studebaker model when I was around 13 years old. It wasn't this version of the kit. The kit I remember had some custom bits but not the full-on drag gear that this one has. It was actually one of the better models that I built back then. I even entered it in a contest- didn't win anything but I learned a lot.





I fabricated an alternator bracket for the engine. Unfortunately, the way the kit was designed, the engine wouldn't fit in the bay with the alternator in the position that they placed it. I had to make some modifications.




The one I built all those years ago I painted black with a red interior. This one will be the same.



I had to shorten the alternator belt and bracket to draw it in closer to the engine block. I also cut the back of the alternator off so it would clear the valve cover. It's kind of sloppy but it works.



Though the pose-able steering was a bugger to work with, I managed to get it ti work- for a short time. I just wasn't happy with wonky wheel alignment caused by the sloppiness of the linkages so I fused them in place. The steering knuckles had three mounting locations for the front axle pins. The lowest of these settings was still too high, so I made some adjustments. I also discovered that including the brake drums per the assembly instructions pushed all four of the wheels so far outboard that placing the body over the chassis would not have been possible. This car just cried out for whitewalls. Since the kit didn't include any, I borrowed a set from another kit.




As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment.

David G.


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Time for a bit of an update...


A quick shot of the painted and flocked interior.






In doing a paint test on the hood I discovered a bit of ghosting at the back of the hood where the hinge attaches.





I sanded the ghosted area of the hood, back-filled with CA, sanded and puttied. Also sprayed the body with Duplicolor black.


As always, thanks for looking and feel free to comment.

David G.




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