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  1. Thank you Steve. It's pretty much done now. I think I want to whip up some license plates for it, then wrap it up. David G.
  2. Thank you Joe. It's done now, For the sake of convenience, I've provided a link above. David G.
  3. Hello Everybody! This one is finished and the final photos can be found in the Under Glass section, here is a link. Thanks to all of you who supported me with your comments and contributions. David G.
  4. Hello Everybody! This is my finished build of Revell's kit of 1970 Plymouth Superbird. A distinctive and memorable car due to its extended streamlined nose cap and a rear spoiler that, being taller than the roof of the car is literally "over the top". Additionally, the bold decals and bright color schemes of Chrysler's High Impact Paint or "HIP Colors" as Chrysler referred to them, worked together to create a striking visual impression that undoubtedly drew attention wherever one of these cars showed up. This was a fun kit to build. The casting quality, fit and assembly of the parts was good, on par with the usual level of quality expected from Revell kits. I did encounter one problem which I'll address next but otherwise, it was a satisfactory build. The one standout difficulty I did have was a warp in the hood. I spent probably three or four build sessions using hot water to try to straighten it. But combination of the warp affecting several planes of the hood and the plastic's inherent shape memory, prevented me from getting it straightened out. Aside from that one issue, I'm quite satisfied with the overall build experience. One of the features provided in this kit are decals for the side marker lights. The decals represent the surrounding metal trim and the recessed lenses. It is a little bit of a challenge to get them to settle properly into the recessions for the lenses but once in place they look much better than if I had painted them in silver, amber and red. The "Roadrunner" badge came from the kit decals and the other two, a cartoon Roadrunner and dealership badge are from @Superbird McMonte. a member of our Model Cars Magazine discussion board. Revell also provided decals for the locks on the trunk and doors but I decided that dotting them with a silver Sharpie would be the easier way to go. The "Plymouth" script on the back was also colored with a silver Sharpie instead of using the kit-supplied decals. The engine and surrounding bay are on the simple side but still nicely represented. With some detail painting and a couple of decals provided in the kit, the under-hood area shapes up quite nicely. The front end is one of the stand-out features of this car, the standard bumper and grill being replaced by the streamlined sheet metal nose cap and bold decals. The two large black decals are provided in the kit, the cartoon Roadrunner I bought as part of a set from Slot Car Fever by Cheyna on Etsy. The nose cone fits quite nicely but the warp in the hood makes it look otherwise. Here's a shot of the famous rear wing spoiler. The "Plymouth" decals are provided in the kit. The Roadrunner cartoon decal is a two-part decal consisting of a white base decal and a colored overlay. It's included in the set I bought from Slot Car Fever by Cheyna on Etsy. Another shot of that famous nose cone. I wanted to show off the driving lights here. The lenses are cast in clear styrene and there is a cavity behind their location. But strangely, the directions in the kit call for them to be painted flat black and installed that way. Most of the Superbirds I saw during my research had driving lights in this location. The Revell designers were probably aware of this feature and decided to extend the option to builders wishing to take advantage of it. I decided to take advantage of opportunity. I dry-brushed the grid on the front of the lenses and painted the borders with flat black. I then painted the cavity behind the lenses with Molotow chrome ink, installed the lenses and ta-da! Driving lights! It looks like they should check the camber before the next track day. All of the images I found in my research showed the frame and sheet metal of the car's underside painted the same color as the body. It made my job a little easier. Nice looking chassis detail too. That's another one for the display case. On to the next build! As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to offer comments, critiques and criticisms. David G.
  5. The exhaust system came out great, I love the repurposing of the mufflers. They work so well it looks like they came in the kit, Great looking color. David G.
  6. I don't think I've seen anyone build this version of the Futura. It looks great! Nice Batmobile too. David G.
  7. Very cool! It's great that she kept it all these years. David G.
  8. Wow! That's a whole lot of fabulous looking builds! Amazing turn out for the year! David G.
  9. Great looking build! Love the decals and paint, lots of work there. David G.
  10. Excellent color choice and great looking paint, nice trim, detail and assembly. An all-around fabulous build! David G.
  11. Hello Everybody! Here's a long overdue update on the Rolls. I had my little desk-top studio set up because I was taking some photos of another subject so I decided to get a photo of the Rolls. I finally got a good color match between the hood panels and the rest of the body. The hood and trunk lids will be securely glued down. I also painted the chrome trim around the windows and on the body with Molotow ink using a fine brush. I finally got an acceptable chrome-like finish on the radiator grille. The headlights and driving lights are also looking pretty good. I've painted the chrome lenses with a mixture of diluted white paint and clearcoat in the hope of improving their appearance. Bringing it all together for a mock-up photo, I find that I'm actually rather pleased with the way the lights and grille look. I still need to work on the fit and placement of the driving lights as they seem to be aimed for worm-spotting. The windshield and side windows have also been installed but I still need to do a clean-up on the adhesive ooze. Other than that, not too bad considering what I started out with. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to post a comment if you wish. David G.
  12. Excellent detail, great looking chrome and color, a sweet street rod and a wonderful tribute. David G.
  13. Great color, tight assembly, nicely detailed, a gorgeous build! David G.
  14. Great stance on this! It has those "Slammin' Hammer" decals and it has indeed been slammed. I also like the tubs you added to the bed and the well detailed engine. BTW this is one of my favorite pickup styles. I just love the grille on these. David G.
  15. Nice progress on this, everything looks great so far. David G.
  16. A well detailed quality build. Beautifully done! David G.
  17. A beautiful vintage dragster, lots of great detail. I love it! David G.
  18. It looks cool, can't wait to see the final pics. David G.
  19. That still blows my mind! David G.
  20. Looks great! You got that masking line cleaned up very nicely. David G.
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