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  1. Seeing all this brings a smile to my face David. Except those sink marks on the doors, no smile there. At least they're easily remedied and well within the normal scope of model building. Also, I had no knowledge of the swiveling mascot. It makes perfect sense upon consideration, I hadn't had any reason to consider it. It would seem that I've learned something new today, thanks for that! David G.
  2. Excellent work on the wire loom! I attempted that and it got the better of me, well done! David G.
  3. Hello Everybody! Like many of us in this community, I've been building model cars off and on for many years. And for those of us who have been building for longer than we may want to admit, there are certain builds that are so iconic and so popular that they are almost obligatory- cliche' even. Most commonly: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 1932 Ford (Deuce) Coupe 1940 Ford Coupe Chevrolet Corvette (any kind or year) And of course, the 1949 Mercury. Certainly, there are other famous makes and models that deserve recognition but this thread is going to be about the iconic 1949 Mercury. This beautiful automobile is heralded by many as the pinnacle of post-war automotive design and styling. It lends itself well to the imaginations of customizers and hotrodders alike. I've seen some fabulous versions of the '49 Mercury built by this community's members and I thought it would be great to have one location where those delightful builds can be shared and admired by all. So if you have a '49 Mercury of any kind you wish to share, please feel free to post it here. If you're in the process of building one, feel free to post your progress photos here. If you haven't built one yet, what are you waiting for? I'll start things off with one of mine. So here it is, The '49 Mercury Joker-Mobile. Go ahead, call 911. He loves the attention! TNT, a tire iron and a Tommy Gun What more does a psycho need? And of course, Mr. J. really loves his new ride! I'm looking forward to see what this talented community has to offer when it comes to the '49 Mercury. David G.
  4. Nice tutorial. Once one sees the process it all seems so simple. Time consuming, but simple. David G.
  5. Paint and detail are fantastic, stunning work Bob! David G.
  6. In my builds I always consider getting the wheels mounted and all of them touching the ground a tipping point. It's no longer just a collection of parts in progress, it's a model of a motor vehicle. "Foursquare and firm" as the saying goes. Great work so far David! David G.
  7. And it looks like he's holding on for dear life! Fabulous detail painting on the figure. David G.
  8. Excellent chassis and engine detail, love the color too! Great work so far Bob. David G.
  9. Nice work on the Rat Fink and distributor. It looks like the masking work for the paint took some patience. David G.
  10. Hello Everybody! With this post, my photos will have caught up with my building so it may be a little while before the next update. The front bumper and grille assembly is done! As always, thanks for looking and please feel free to comment. David G.
  11. Dang Jim, you're just marching along with this build. Lots of pretty little details! David G.
  12. I built one of these back in 2016 and it was not the greatest casting but I don't remember it being this bad. The molds must have really degraded in the time since I built mine. Excellent detail work you're doing on this one Greg. I'm very interested to see where you go with it. David G.
  13. That looks like a fun project. Love the green, do you plan to keep the color? David G.
  14. That came out great James! Congratulations on getting this one beat into shape. David G.
  15. Clean and tight, excellent build! David G.
  16. Great work on this one! Love the color combination and detail. David G.
  17. Thank you Steve! I'm rather happy with the way it turned out. I just wish I could have done a little more of a detailed engraving on the front of the siren. That sounds like a great idea Jeff. Replace the surf boards with ladders, it already comes with roof racks! David G.
  18. Nice work realigning the frame rails. David G.
  19. Wow, sorry about the accident. Or as the surfers would call it, a "wipe-out". But as you said, it's an opportunity to correct the wheel issues. The decals look okay, with the cracking maybe you could go with a more weathered approach. It is an older truck. Best of luck pulling it all back together. David G.
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