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  1. Hello Everybody! I started throwing some decals at the beast. These are drawn from the sets provided in both the Surf Shark and Ambulance kits. The best of both worlds! I do plan to add some more decals soon. Work is done on the last two body additions I want to add, the two-way radio antenna and rear loading light. I've drilled and wired them both so they can be pinned to the body. Not only does this provide a more secure attachment to the body, it also gives me a convenient way to hold them for painting! That's it for this round. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  2. Thanks Carl, it's great to have you on board. David G.
  3. Thank you Bob. That they do! The hood on this one looks pretty good Jim. I haven't noticed any sink marks, at least not yet. There are some sink marks on the tops of the fenders behind the headlights where the bulkhead intersects them. Indeed I am! For the moment at least. Thanks Randy! Yes, I see that now. I thought you were referring to the more recent of the two editions as the one you built. Thanks for the feedback Len. Yes indeed Steve. But for most circumstances they serve my purpose. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I hope to have more updates soon. David G.
  4. That is a strange one Chuck! I'm really interested to see what you do with it. David G.
  5. Thanks Jim, I'm glad to have you along. I think patience is relative. Some of that work you've been doing on that '41 Plymouth would test the limits of mine. Thanks for your comment Rick. I'll be painting this one two-tone, Tamiya TS-7 Racing White over Tamiya TS-102 Cobalt Green. I'm curious which editions of this kit you have. From what I understand, the most recent 2017 release has some new parts added. It's the one with the gasser-style "Flashback" box art. This kit has so many good extra custom parts that I was wondering what else AMT thought this kit needed. šŸ˜® Thank you Len. According to Scalemates.com the "Flashback" kit is the most recent release and is the one to which some new parts have been added. Thank you Mike, I'm glad to have you along. Thanks Monty! I agree, this seems to be a good kit in spite of being more than sixty years old. I'm afraid that I have no knowledge of what was added to the 2017 release. I got my information on the kit's history from Scalemates.com. I like to research the history of a kit before I build it and I find them to be a great source. I'm actually curious myself to see what AMT might have felt the need to add to such an already well optioned kit. As always, thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate your feedback. David G.
  6. You have some great looking builds there. David G.
  7. Wow! Is that old paint or is Testors QC just that poor now. Either way, I'll have to have a look for these filters at my LHS. Thanks for the tip Greg.
  8. Hello Everybody! With my Surf Shark Ambulance Conversion nearly completed, it's time to start another build thread. AMT's 1957 Ford Hardtop. This is one of those kits that can be built in multiple ways: drag, stock and custom or any combination of the three. I plan on building this one stock. The kit was originally released in 1963 and has been reissued multiple times in various configurations. In addition to the 2002 "1957 Ford Hardtop" version I'll be building, it's also been released as the "1957 Ford Fairlane 500". The most recent release was in 2017 and included some newly tooled parts as well as the reintroduction of most of the original custom parts. The first color I selected was Tamiya TS-60 Pearl green. I like the shade put the pearl is not what I want for this build, it just doesn't have the Fifties feel that I'm looking for. I decided to try Tamiya's TS-102 Cobalt Green. Not exactly what I was looking for but a much more "Fifties" color. Masking to paint the frame rails. Semi-gloss black. I don't know if it's correct but it's what I'm going with. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  9. Thank you! I should have more updates soon. David G.
  10. Nice, simple and clean, looks great! David G.
  11. Excellent progress on this Greg! I really like the wat that the gas cap turned out. David G.
  12. Hello Everybody! As I get closer to wrapping up this build, the work seems to go more quickly and slow down at the same time. Is that even possible? šŸ˜• The interior is pretty much complete. I've added a radio and mic mounted to the dash on a bracket that I fabbed from some leftover PE sprue. In the back, the gurney has been permanently installed. It's not the best model of a gurney available but it's the one I had at the time. Most of the rear area will be obscured with window decals from the actual AMT ambulance kit. The fire extinguisher is new too. I also made certain that the radio would clear the windshield after assembly. The tail fins are now permanently in place. I'm not exceedingly happy with their fit but there they are. Hopefully I'll get more done over the coming weekend. Until then, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment if one is so inclined. David G.
  13. Thank you Randy. I truly appreciate your interest and your kind comment. David G.
  14. A great idea gluing the rear pan to the body, I wish I'd thought of that. Excellent progress on this. David G.
  15. Wow! I know I keep saying it but it's true: Museum Quality! It's going to be a shame to cover all that work with a body. Which is also quite the work of art on its own. David G.
  16. Those are some pretty radical mods so far. It should look pretty cool when it's all done. David G.
  17. What a cool project Ismael! If anyone can beat this kit into shape it's you. I can't wait to see what you come up with. David G.
  18. It's nice to have you back on the boards Tom! I'm really glad to see build back on the deck. David G.
  19. That double hinge setup is a clever bit of engineering. It will be quite an interesting feature in the finished build. David G.
  20. Thanks Jim, I'm glad to know that. No worries. David G.
  21. Nice recovery on the suspension issue Greg! David G.
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