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  1. Hello Everybody! I'm going to be away on holiday and from the boards until the end of July. Before I go I wanted to post one more update, I just couldn't leave the "Saga of the Hood" without a conclusion of sorts. This coat of paint looks pretty good. With a little bit of work, I think this will be the one. The hood scoop is masked off because I decided that I want to paint it flat black instead of the same color as the body. In the previous post I promised some more details on mounting the hood hinges and here it is. The practical mounting of the hinges is actually a rather straight-forward process but there is a potential problem that I encountered. When attaching the hood hinges, test fit and check the shape and evenness of the mounting pads. I've cleaned up and evened out the pad on the upper hinge. The lower one is still rough and misshapen. This will cause the hinges to mount to the hood incorrectly resulting in a misalignment of the hinges and hood. If you're building one of these kits, be sure to double check this. I'll be back in a few weeks to wrap this up. Until then, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to post any comments. David G.
  2. Thank you, I'll see you all when I get return! David G.
  3. Thank you for your kind comment Bob. I really don't have a problem with curbside kits. When I built my '71 T-Bird, for a number of reasons I actually opted for the engine plate instead of the engine. It worked out fine in my opinion. Thanks again, David G.
  4. Wow! 😮 I can't even imagine the types of experiences you're describing. That's quite a story, thanks for sharing it. David G.
  5. This is quite an impressive project so far Chris! I'm enjoying all the details you're adding. David G.
  6. Thank you. Many of our family have passed too, we're going to see the ones who are left. And also, a recent arrival... Our new granddaughter. ❤️ David G.
  7. An excellent build! My stepdad had one of these Fergusons back in the Eighties. He had a harrowing deck, a plow and a brush hog for it too. Thanks for posting this, it was a pleasure to see it. David G.
  8. That is certainly an improvement David! It's beginning to look like a good outcome is a distinct possibility! David G.
  9. I built my first one in 1976 or 77! This is the box I remember from then. Cheers! David G.
  10. Hello Everybody! I just wanted to let you all know that starting on July 11, I will be away from the boards for a few weeks. I should be back by August. We're going on a cross-country road trip to visit various familial factions scattered across the US. I may get the chance to check in from time to time. If I do, I'll probably not be responding to any posts as it's a pain to do so from my phone. I'll see you all when I get back! David G.
  11. Hello Everybody! The progress is slow but there is progress. Now it's time to tackle the next challenge, the chrome trim that surrounds the entire car. I've removed the parts form their sprues so I can strip away the abysmal "chrome" from the kit. Maybe Monogram anticipated such actions as they thoughtfully cast an "R" into the right-hand trim sections. First order of business, the obligatory test fit! Of course there alignment and fit issues. Now I have to determine what is a matter of adjustment and what will require modification. And then decide how much "incorrectness" I can live with. Just to let you all know, starting on July 11th I'll be away from the boards for a few weeks. I should be back by August. Of course, please feel free to post your comments in my absence, I'll catch up on them when I return. David G.
  12. Thank you kindly Pierre. Thank you Mozzi, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I wanted them to be noticeable but not distracting. David G.
  13. Thanks Alan, it does indeed look like it's finally under control. David G.
  14. That's an impressive collection of beautifully built cars! David G.
  15. Hello Everybody! Here's a little something I've cracked into. I needed something to put in my new curio cabinet! David G.
  16. That's a cool looking box van Ken. I'll have to keep an eye out for it on the boards. BTW I don't think using 3D printed parts or bodies is cheating. To me it's no different than buying a boxed kit to build then purchasing some aftermarket parts and PE to finish it out. David G.
  17. That's just mind boggling! 😮 At least to my mind anyway. So do the leaf springs actually... uh... leaf? David G.
  18. Carl, I'm sad to learn of the difficulties you're experiencing, I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. There is one tool that I use from time to time that helps me by holding the work steady so I can paint. I'm not sure how well it would work in your situation. https://www.amazon.com/Weller-Helping-Hands-Magnifier-WLACCHHB-02/dp/B08FQB6XT3/ref=asc_df_B08FQB6XT3/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=692875362841&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17735973252887734017&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9029988&hvtargid=pla-2281435179738&mcid=2d78d624c82f391db13115a66fae59d4&hvocijid=17735973252887734017-B08FQB6XT3-&hvexpln=73&gad_source=1&th=1 The tool comes in a variety of configurations and they're not terribly expensive. Maybe you could find one to suit your needs. Be well, David G.
  19. That's a nice little engine, it suits the car well. David G.
  20. Good call on the roof, nice work! David G.
  21. Thank you very kindly Jim. I always try to do my best as the situation warrants. Thanks Len, I appreciate that. Thank you Greg. The kit takes some persuasion but I think it yields a pretty good likeness when all is said and done. Thank you very much Carl, I'm glad you like them. David G.
  22. Thank you Steve. It looks like I have it this time, I should have some photos to post tomorrow. Thanks for your kind encouragement and even kinder offer of a replacement part. I don't think I'll need the part this time but I'm always glad to have the encouragement. Yes, I'm feeling confident with this pass, thank you David . So it would seem, thanks Len! David G.
  23. Hello Everybody! The struggle for a clean paintjob on the hood seems to be taking a good turn. The hood has been removed from the Purple Pond, cleaned up and primed. After a day's worth of cure time, I did some color sanding. Good news! No sign of the previous flaws. I also added the hood hinges, more on that later. Another coat of primer and it all looks good in the hood! I even got rid of that unsightly blob on the front center of the hood scoop! That's all for this update. Thanks for following along. Comments are not mandatory but they are appreciated! David G.
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