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Leader Light replication

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Hey guys,  I just just started on a 1/25 revell c7r, and I while I was thinking of what I wanted to do with the kit as far as the actual build is concerned, I wanted to replicate the leader light system on the car but I am not sure as to what type of light to use.  In the picture attached these lights can be seen just behind the driver's head in the window.  Any input on how to go about this? I was thinking fiber optics in some way but I'm not sure exactly.  Appreciate it all!

driver side.jpg

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That light is going to be too big. If you really want it to light up, you'll need to use small LEDs. Even then, I'm not sure about it.


The "light" is a sheet of electroluminescent material that can be cut into small sections...exactly how small I don't know. Do you?

Surface-mount LEDs are available in sizes small enough to do the job, but require additional circuitry to function, and that's what needs to be hidden...and is challenging for someone not familiar with fabricating very small electronic circuits to do.

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I see a whole hell of a lot of useful information isn't forthcoming so...here's some.

A diligent search of the web, coupled with some actual knowledge of LEDs and electronics will yield fascinating results.

Here's something I just found...REALLY SMALL LEDs with pre-soldered wire leads.

Now pay attention...the LEDs in the photo are shown with the nub of a felt-tip pen for size comparison.


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You can, of course, use a fiber-optic setup as you mentioned. 

You would have to route a fiber or a group of fibers to an element on the leader-light display that would correspond with each element that is required to make a number. Something like this, but with each element fiber or bundle going to a separate light source (if you want the thing to operate). Something like this...but not.

Image result for fiber optic display

Lotsa fibers to hide, eh?

And then you'll have to work out how to control each light source to illuminate in the correct pattern to make a number on the leader-light display. Entirely do-able, but cumbersome.

Of if you're really a wizard, you could isolate a small section of an LED display panel from a monitor or TV screen. Possible. Very difficult. Good luck with that.



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