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Wild 2021 Dodge Viper

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Hmm..I think that Viper render is horrible. Looks like a Hot Wheels car.

Personally, I always felt the Viper was a bad car. Yeah, it had performance, but the rest of the car was so bad, it was never really a contender for...anything.

Can I see it coming back for 2021? Possibly. But I see the entire car coming back as something unrecognizable as a Viper. It'll be sent upscale, trying to compete with the Ford GT, and the upcoming mid-engine Corvette. Will not be priced less than $150k US. And I'll bet it has some sort of mild-Hybrid system. Some sort of electric assist.



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1 hour ago, cmfowler said:

Not sure if many people notice but the '99 Charger concept was still a 4 door car. 

With that said I owned a 2011 for 3 years an absolutely loved it.  

I think the enthusiasts out there were overlooking the four doors of the concept as it just looked flat out FANTASTIC! 100% better than the total 180 that Chrysler ended up giving us. In fact, I wanted a 2012 Charger before I came across my Challenger. That particular dealer tee'd me off though as they tried to pull a bait and switch and pushed something else------NOT the car I knew they had.

Well, the rest is history as later on that day I came across the Challenger at a completely different dealer, and drove it home that night. I called that other dealer to at least thank them for their time...............never a call back in reciprocation, so I know who to never go to again when looking for a car. ;)

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20 minutes ago, Greg Myers said:

Oh well................bummer reading that story but there is a bright spot! The Charger and Challenger lives! THANK GOODNESS they're not going to water it down using the Alfa platform. :huh:

That also should spell good news for the Hemi.......I don't think Chrysler wants to kill that anytime soon. At least that's my hope!

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Hmmm.........interesting! According to this story here, Chrysler is intended to live on. Frankly, I think the automakers are making a BIG mistake by abandoning the car market and focusing mostly on trucks and SUV's. While that might work for a few more years, no one's looking at the 13-15 year olds that will be buying cars come the mid and later '20's.

My better sense tells me they will NOT want to be driving the same kind of cars their parents are driving.

I may be wrong, but killing off one type of market to support another is not always a good idea.

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10 hours ago, MrObsessive said:

There were very loud screams of protest when the Charger debuted back in '06 as a four door sedan from us car enthusiasts. The criticism was so bad that Car and Driver said that in all the years of being a magazine publisher, they have never received so much hate mail over one car! Many were hoping (including myself) that the car would look like the absolutely beautiful 1999 Charger show car. But that show car came out right around the time Chrysler was about to be sold to Daimler, and of course as we now know they had other plans.

Interesting though how the 2011 restyle of the Charger does resemble that '99 show car much better! Almost as if that's what they had in mind, but changed up at the 11th hour due to Daimler.

This car still gets my heart racing to this day even nearly 20 years later!


Actually we DID get a two door "Charger"...................................the Challenger! ;)

The only way that could look better is if it were a 2-door. 

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