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Who wants to do a build off ?

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This could be kind of cool, maybe get some input here first. Then narrow it down to maybe 3 different kits (via voting) so there is some choice. What are you considering for a deadline though?

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How about ideas for the buildoff ? I don't have alot right now . Only one so far is this : convertibles. Any year any make . Something you wanna be driving this time of year when the leaves start falling and you're just cruising the country ! American makes only !!

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Kenneth I've run quite a few build offs over the years and participated in many more, and I'm going tell you that the more you narrow the theme, the less interest you will have. So in my opinion - convertibles - great idea. Plenty of kits of all sorts. American only? I would recommend not adding this. Because people who would have ordinarily joined you with the Jaguar or Mercedes roadsters they have planned, have just been asked not to participate. More people join build offs when their planned build coincides with the build offs theme. Also short time frames are a killer as well. I'd go with a fall/winter type length. 

I wish you luck on the build off.

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