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Dune Buggy ID

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Just bought this buggy off Ebay. Never seen this kit before. It has a Corvair  engine. Any info?

Most buggy kits I've seen are copies of real buggy's. Anyone see this in 1:1 

Feel free to discus any buggy interests.

Thanks Merk


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I saw that on the bay. It seems to be a fictional buggy, sadly based on bits from the Meyer's Tow'd kit (Corvair with Weber IDA's, perimeter frame, and VW front suspension.

Tow'd  has never been reissued.

I think it came out in '70 or so, Mark B on here likely knows far better than I. I never had one. That one looks pretty complete despite glue bomb appearance.

Li'L Bo! Weevil (1/25) (fs)Li'L Bo! Weevil (1/25) (fs)Li'L Bo! Weevil (1/25) (fs)

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I never had one of those, it like the Tow'd was a very short lived thing, probably one production run and gone.  I remember seeing an unbuilt one in a junk store in the mid-Seventies, even at one dollar it was there a long time.

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Thanks for the info and interest.

That's it.

Not surprised this is a imaginary buggy, it has a cartoon quality to it. I have a few vw buggies built and often search for dune buggy on ebay and these have never come up before so I try again after seeing your responses searching for Bo Weevil and there it is a brand new unbuilt  Bo Weevil. I hit buy it now and both are on there way. I will post some kit pictures after they arrive

Here is another pic from ebay listing




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