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  1. When did the package actually arrive?
  2. Bereft of clues indeed, sir! In fact I hadn't really been aware of the information in the clues so they were interesting. Not a car I ever had much time for, to be honest.
  3. DonW

    spine buster

    A bit dodgy looking but I'd have a go in it if it were a 1:1! Dashboard looks good.
  4. Do I get an extra point for getting it without the clue?😀
  5. I love any big railroad loco. I get the beauty of the Connie - it's quite a contrast to the Hustler. I could go off topic badly on this... How fast did the Hudson locos go?
  6. The first car I drove on a public road was a hired Fiat 500 on the Spanish island of Majorca on a family holiday. I learned to drive and took my tests (failed one from overconfidence, passed one!) in my 1953 RME Riley.
  7. I do like the Daytona, best are the Plexiglass front ones with 9 inch rear wheels. Here's my selection: Best sports / racer - 250 GTO Ferrari. Best touring car - Woolf Barnato's 'Blue Train' Speed Six Gurney Nutting coupe. Best daily driver BMW 2002 ti Alpina
  8. I know it's a real car, but it looks like someone's photoshopped the top of a black car onto the body of a different make of red car. Do I like it? No.
  9. Complete with the notorious twin driveshafts! Simonaitis, an authority, says "Several benefits were claimed for this oddity of drive. The relocated differential, a heavy component, contributed very little to unsprung weight; this, to the benefit of handling on rough roads. The driver’s seat could be nestled between the vee, thus enhancing a low centre of gravity. And rear axle weight was reduced by swapping the differential for the twin bevel sets and short half-shafts to the wheels." Lovely car, beautiful model.
  10. The indicators are different, the N360 ones are integrated into the grille surround. Maybe not close enough for Michael!
  11. I notice this one's a Fiat 500 Giardiniera, the rare station wagon version.☺️
  12. Great car - but it's not 'Under Glass' - this section is for completed model cars not real ones! This post should be in 1:1 Reference Photos: Auto Shows, Personal vehicles (Cars and Trucks)
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