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I bought a Monogram Lumina at the GSL show without fully knowing what I would do with it. Now it's finally done.  I wanted something different and  had some Powerslide decals left over from the rebuild of Bobby Allison's '72 Monte Carlo.  So this is sort of a fantasy car to show 20 years of NASCAR development.

Most of the work on these kits is in the chassis.  I had some driver figures in the bin, so I tried adding one to this car.  It was more work than I thought, adding a driver to a kit not intended for one.




One of the advantages of these kits is you can work on the chassis and body separately, which lessens over-handling during assembly.


The driver is "Bobby," but not necessarily Allison. It could even be Ricky Bobby from Talledega Nights.

The Coke livery is from the Allison Powerslide sheet.  They have enough decals to do all four of Allison's Coke cars.  The smaller contingencies are from the kit: old decals with the brown patina common to old decals.




New and old Coke Chevys, 1992 and 1972.  The Monte is a rebuild, originally from the olden days. 

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